Coatings and Render systems for Hebel

Building with Hebel offers you a clean, modern palette to achieve the exterior look you want in a range of textures, finishes and colours.

What coating do I need to use with Hebel?

It is important to select the right coating system to protect your investment.

Hebel only recommends using an acrylic coating system with our products. Acrylic coating systems contain the technology to help prevent superficial cracking and won’t delaminate, ensuring you have a quality finish for longer.

How does it work?

Hebel recommends using a 3-coat acrylic coating system with our product. Each coat plays a unique role and helps keep your house looking great for longer.

Patterns and finishes

Whether you’re a fan of the clean modern look of a rendered finish, or looking for a routed design to personalise your house, the choices are endless when it comes to Hebel.

You may even choose to continue the look of your home with a rendered Hebel PowerFence.

Colour Palette

Available in a wide range of colours, ask your coatings specialist for advice on the best colours for your exterior finish.

View all available colours here

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