A Look Into The Biggest Exterior Trends For 2019

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How’s your home’s kerb appeal? First impressions count, and a home’s exterior can set the scene for the entire aesthetic.

More and more home owners and designers are shifting their focus to the outdoors, confirming a beautiful exterior is just as important as a beautiful interior. If your home’s interior reflects your personal style, why shouldn’t the exterior do the same?

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or simply want to give your home’s façade a facelift, greet your visitors in style with these exterior trends set to soar in 2019.


A fresh colour palette can work wonders for an ordinary exterior. The colour trends for homes in 2019 will allow you to make a subtle upgrade or a dramatic overhaul – it’s entirely up to you.

Back to Nature

Design by Stylemaster.

Next year will welcome colours inspired by nature to take centre stage. This will include soft neutrals such as white, cream, and beige, earthy tones like deep ochre and forest green, and natural timber and stone finishes.


Contrast and Complement

 Design by Solar Solutions Design.

The element of contrast will add interest to this understated colour scheme. Using dark and light colours next to each other will create a striking stark contrast. There’s nothing like moody charcoal to offset crisp white.



As we go au naturale with colour, texture is truly where the fun comes in. 2019 will encourage playing with textures and finishes to create contrast and catch the eye. After all, why should you settle for simple?

Mixing Materials

Design by Solar Solutions Design. 

Combining stone, cement and timber will be encouraged for a visually striking mishmash of materials and textures. Don’t be scared to step outside the box and add a funky timber accent for a bit of warmth and character outside the home.


A rendered exterior

Design by Regent homes.

A rendered look will help achieve a stylish, modern exterior.

Did you know you can choose the texture, finish and colour that’s right for you? Go sleek and smooth with a fine texture finish, or opt for a course texture finish for a more natural stone look.


Like the idea of tailoring a look you love with a choice of textures, finishes, and colours for your home’s exterior? Hebel delivers a modern rendered look that can help make your home exterior dreams come true.

Strong and versatile, Hebel is designed to make your home more comfortable to live in while offering a beautiful aesthetic. Hello, street appeal!


If you’re thinking about building a new home, Hebel makes it easier than ever to achieve a modern look that won’t date.


View our gallery for more inspiration for your home.

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