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The townhouse development at Elara, was led by a clear vision. To create architecturally designed homes that is sustainable and easy to maintain, yet stylish and appealing to modern families. And by bringing together the diverse portfolio within the CSR range, we were able to offer a complete solution.

When collaborating to deliver something special for this development, CSR’s overarching objective was to enhance the design aesthetic, balancing function with form, and adding to each home’s structural integrity while supporting the construction process. CSR’s Hebel, Cemintel and PGH teams worked closely together, combing composite materials on the facades for each stage of the townhouses. Aligning with modern design trends, they not only demonstrated our unlimited potential to deliver on every design vision, but also our ability to meet regulatory requirements.

Hebel PowerPanel’s were utilised for main dwelling facades and garages, offering cost and time efficiencies in the building process, whilst adding strength that will stand the test of time. Sought after for its design versatility, Hebel’s sleek lines make it the perfect material to help achieve the modern concrete look, used as a canvas for rendering or complementing materials such as timber, bricks or steel.

When combined with Cemintel’s Headland cladding and PGH bricks, we were able to achieve fresh design looks for the townhouses, offering four unique facades, each with their own distinct architectural edge.

“Using Hebel as a base for the townhomes at Elara offered so many benefits and unparalleled design versatility,” says Ryan Baxter, CSR Project Manager. “The beauty of this material is realised as we combined bricks to frame aspects of the façade design, which in turn helped enhance the character within each stage. In particular the incorporation of our Headland cladding on the top of the facades in the last stage, created a warm and classic Australian feel.”

Cemintel’s Headland cladding is a traditional weatherboard with strong edges and a linear recess, that comes pre-primed in a Dulux recommended primer colour, ready for painting. Working well as standalone weatherboards or as a part of a composite design, Headland by Cemintel, is a low maintenance solution.


When combined with Hebel, it acts as a system solution reducing outside noise while meeting acoustic, fire and thermal requirements, all tested and backed by CSR. Providing additional insulation benefits, Hebel also helps regulate internal temperature within the home, keeping it comfortable, while reducing the reliance on heating and cooling.  This is enhanced when combined with the Gyprock and Bradford Insulation materials incorporated to the internal and external walls.

Due to superior anti-moisture properties and insulation, Gyprock’s Aquachek™ and Superchek™ were used for their specific properties. Superchek™’s high density and board strength deliver exceptional impact resistance and noise control, taking shots to whispers. Aquachek™ is not subject to moisture movement and has extremely low water absorption characteristics, making it an excellent substrate for ceramic tiles. Higher levels of insulation in energy efficient homes can alter the temperature and moisture balance within the building, especially where condensation is likely to form. Moisture is created in the home via breathing, transpiring, cooking, showering, or even doing the laundry and dishes. In the long run, condensation may cause building damage or allow mould to grow. Depending on the type of building construction, insulation levels and climate zone, the right building wrap is critical to ensure energy efficiency as well as the long term health of your family.

The townhouse at Elara used Bradford Enviroseal™, a Class 4 highly vapour-permeable wall wrap that allows moisture from inside the home to pass through the membrane to outside of the building frame. It also prevents water from coming in. This minimises the risk of condensation or mould growth within the building frame, while allowing your home to breathe. Bradford Enviroseal™ complies with the Australian Building Codes Board NCC 2019 requirements, the Australian Building Codes Board. All of which is supported by our industry leading and renowned Red Book. Specifying materials and technical solutions, our Red Book assists in every aspect of design and construction resolving fire, acoustic and thermal requirements by providing easy to understand guidance and advice.


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