Hall & Hart’s Ascot Home is Elegant Family Living at Its Best

Sydney-based builders Hall & Hart Homes are renowned for their gorgeous, customisable homes which perfectly complement their clients’ lifestyles.

Their new Ascot Home at HomeWorld Box Hill in Sydney exudes both elegance and warmth. The crisp white double-storied French Provincial façade opens into palatial yet functional living areas.

While its stylish lines are minimalist, the Ascot still creates a warm, comfortable family living environment. One of the most outstanding features when walking into the home is the high atrium, which gives a feeling of space and luxury.

Designed in collaboration with leading design practice DKO architects, there’s a natural flow through the key living areas and to the outdoor area.   It is a simple and seamless transition, making it perfect for the Australian family lifestyle.

Hall & Hart use the very best products and finishes to create affordable luxury, with a broad range of inclusions.


Creating a beautiful aesthetic for the Ascot

A high-quality build needs high-quality materials from top to bottom. Hebel AAC (aerated autoclaved concrete) has been used for the floors and the exterior cladding of the Ascot.

Michael Goodall, Hall & Hart’s Construction Manager, comments: “We needed an exceptional material which would help us execute a home that’s both elegant and incredibly comfortable. Hebel fits that brief and more. The Ascot is beautiful but – more importantly – beautiful to live in.”

Hebel creates a stunning finish for the outside of the Ascot, with clients able to customise the texture and look.


Great acoustics are the key to happy family living

One of the unique aspects of the Ascot are the multiple areas for privacy, such as the butler’s pantry, or the study areas upstairs.

The design and materials also give it great acoustics, which is essential to happy family cohabitation! “As the Ascot is double-storied, the Hebel PowerFloor is essential in creating soundproofing between the upstairs bedrooms and study areas, and the kitchen and living downstairs,” says Michael.

The steel reinforced PowerFloor is strong and solid, with the feel of a concrete slab. It creates a sound barrier without the high price tag; perfect for busy, growing families.

A comfortable climate all-year round

Hall & Hart choose products that create a comfortable environment all-year round. “The PowerFloor and external cladding insulate the Ascot so that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It creates greater comfort, as well as an energy-efficient lifestyle,” says Michael.

Hebel is also incredibly efficient to install during the build. “It’s very fast to install compared to brick builds, shortening construction time considerably.”

A home should be a safe haven

Another challenge presented by Australia’s climate is bushfire danger, which as we have seen can be a threat even in urban areas. Using a high-quality, fire resistant material is fundamental when building.

Hebel is fire resistant and a great choice for building in high bushfire danger zones as it is BAL FZ rated. The eco-friendly material is strong and robust, creating a beautiful haven for families.

Start planning your journey to building a you home with Hebel and Hall & Hart Homes. Take a virtual tour of the Ascot today.

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