Hebel delivers strong benefits before and after the sale

As a leading Queensland builder, McCarthy Homes chooses to work with building products that offer advantages throughout the construction period and ongoing benefits for homeowners after the sale.

David Farrer, Sales Manager for McCarthy Homes, says that Hebel is an exceptional choice for home building. 

“We can use Hebel for so many different aspects of the house, including the walls and the floors. So it’s very versatile,” David explained.

By offering the added value of a home built with Hebel, McCarthy Homes are able to provide clients with quality homes at affordable prices.

“And the other bonus is, by using Hebel, we can offer render at a really discounted rate. We can offer the quality of a Hebel rendered product and it will be more affordable because the cost of brick laying is getting out of hand,” David said.

And the results have been extremely positive after the sale period too – as clients have enjoyed the look and feel of their Hebel homes.

Homes at Halcyon Glades.

“We’ve had some good feedback from clients about Hebel because it’s a uniform product. When the render and the paint are applied, the end product looks very good,” David explained.

“Hebel keeps the life in the walls. And what I mean by that is – the look of rendered brick and paint fades over time, but the rendered Hebel always makes it look like you have a brand new house – even when it’s a couple of years old,” he added.

Hebel is so trusted by the brand that Operations Manager Nick O’Sullivan also used Hebel to construct his own home, and has since experienced the ongoing comfort benefits of living in a Hebel home.    

“I did my own house in Hebel. And the insulation qualities that I have found are fantastic. It keeps you warm in winter, and also in the summer months it’s very cool inside. I’d say that’s the main benefit,” Nick added. 


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