Hebel Hoist makes the work easy at ‘Lure by Mosaic’ development

“We’ve had a great experience with Hebel.”  That’s how Daniel Van Kerckhof sums up the Mosaic Property Group’s association with CSR Hebel during construction of the ‘Lure by Mosaic’ residential development at Newport in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region.

Now nearing completion, the development comprises 36 high quality freehold terrace homes located within one of Stockland’s three south east Queensland communities.

The project marks the first time that Mosaic has used the Hebel Hoist, which quickly earned praise on the work site for the way in which it has facilitated the task of installing Hebel’s 75mm PowerPanelXL systems for the development’s dual zero boundary walls.

“When planning the project, we did extensive research into the different products that could be used for the zero lot construction,” said Daniel, who is Mosaic’s Residential Construction Manager. “We established the Hebel system as the best one to use.”

Factors that drew Mosaic to Hebel

There were a number of factors that attracted the Mosaic team to Hebel.

“An important advantage for us during our research was that we could get some good hard figures around what the Hebel system would cost to construct in regard to square metre prices,” said Daniel. “A lot of the other systems on the market are very difficult to quantify in this way.”

Other systems in the traditional wet trades, such as brick or block, were also found to be more complicated in regard to their effect on the build sequence.

“Having the Hebel contractor coming along after the frames were up, instead of trying to slot them into the framing process, was a huge win,” said Daniel. “It meant that we could start working on multiple fronts rather than waiting for a wet trade or for a complicated firewall system to go in.

“When I look at the Newport development, I am 100% confident that it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly and as well as it has without the Hebel hoist system in there.”

The straightforward nature of the Hebel system was seen as another major benefit.

“The system is quite simple, in that it doesn’t have many moving parts, and therefore the likelihood of failure in the event of a fire is very low,” said Daniel. “That was also a big advantage, both in regard to security for our clients and to our responsibilities as a building company.”

Ticks for Hebel people as well as products

Hebel people as well as its systems and hoist are also receiving plenty of ticks in boxes during the Newport construction.

“When I say we’ve had a great experience with Hebel, I don’t just mean the product,” said Daniel. “I’m talking about everyone from state management to the reps and to the contractors they recommended. In my position, no news is often good news, and I haven’t heard as much as a negative whisper from my site staff about Hebel. It has all been praise.”

Mosaic is a unique company, taking a holistic approach to delivering boutique residential property. Established in 2002 and rebranding to Mosaic eight years ago, the company has completed numerous projects in both the residential and commercial sectors of the industry throughout south east Queensland.  Mosaic control every individual process involved, from the research, feasibility and due diligence before purchasing a site, all the way through design, construction, to property management. It also has a Community Engagement team that works with residents and organisations in the areas where Mosaic has developments, to keep the communities informed and to obtain their feedback.

New PowerPanel50  system on the agenda

With various future projects in the pipeline, Mosaic is now looking forward to using the new Hebel PowerPanel50  systems, designed to ensure even greater efficiency in the construction of intertenancy and dual zero boundary walls.

“One of the things we had to take into consideration during the design process at Newport was that the 75mm panel took up a little more space than a few other solutions,” said Daniel. “But the PowerPanel50 completely eliminates that issue. We’re excited about the opportunity to use it in the future in our strata title projects as well as for zero lot construction.”


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