Hebel’s design flexibility is ideal for Aerostone’s external architectural features

Aerostone uses Hebel for their product range of mouldings that add style and character to residential properties.

Founder and Managing Director at Aerostone, Bruno Staltari says; “we have a very wide range of products that we can produce due to the fact that what we do is not limited to moulds and casts, we simply cut Hebel blocks to the size and shape desired”.

Bruno explains that the applications are almost endless with the Aerostone range at around 400 production items, most of which can be modified to some degree.

Aerostone’s Hebel mouldings are also easy to work with, making it well suited to the DIY market.

“The feedback that we’ve had, particularly from the public, is that the product is easy to use and they’re very happy with it,” says Bruno.

“We’re currently increasing our focus on the DIY market including renovators, real estate, and anyone who wants to add long-term value to a property giving it a facelift for relatively low cost.”

Adding external features to a home increases the aesthetic of its façade and often increases its market value, making mouldings and fittings a popular choice for people wanting to sell their homes.


Aerostone is also the preferred choice for repairs on heritage listed buildings that require a particular profile.

Bruno explains, “we can reproduce an exact profile within a week of taking a template, even if it’s not part of our standard range. It’s a lucrative market for us because there aren’t many low-cost options for this kind of specialised product”.

He also tells us that many homeowners are reluctant to consider a moulding or feature that doesn’t have long-term conceivable value, instead being viewed as a temporary addition. However, Aerostone moulds crafted from Hebel have the attributes of a rendered concrete mould.

“They’re solid, durable, and the adhesive we have developed makes it an extremely strong, permanent fixture…not like a lightweight polystyrene or polyurethane mould that can damage quite easily and then needs to be replaced,” he says.

Using Hebel means that Aerostone products are designed to withstand the test of time and the harshest weather conditions.

For more information on using Aerostone’s Hebel products contact (08) 9258 9388 or email info@aerostone.com.au.

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