#MyHebelHome competition winner couldn’t be happier with his Hebel house

The judges couldn’t go past the winning entry, with a personal story that even included a countdown to their baby’s arrival and a picture perfect Hebel home wedding.

Winner Neil Leviston from Bunkers Hill Victoria said their home took 6 years to build as he and his partner Ashlee lived in the first half with their two older children.

One lucky Hebel home owner took home $5,000 in our recently completed #MyHebelHome competition.

“The first half of the home had a bathroom and a laundry which was also the kitchen, and we used a barbeque for an oven. We worked hard to finish the second half so we had a kitchen for when the new baby arrived,” he explains.

Speed of construction offered by the use of Hebel for their external walling was perfect for the time-poor family.

“I’d highly recommend Hebel to anyone, especially owner builders, it’s just so easy to use and because I could do it myself without hiring bricklayers it was much cheaper,” Neil says.

Living in the home while they built it wasn’t the only challenge for Neil and his family, the property sits within a bushfire prone area so their home needed to meet fire regulations (not to mention the koala overlays).

“We were told to look at Hebel because of its fire resistance and the fact that it meets the regulations in place,” he said.

The sustainability and energy efficiency of Hebel products were also drawcards for the completely off the grid home.

“When we lived in the first half we only had power from a generator, we’d go to bed early. It was a tough couple of years,” laughed Neil.

They now run off solar panels and wind turbines as well as the generator, which combined with Hebel makes the home highly energy efficient.

Neil wanted an alternative to brickwork saying, “I didn’t like conventional bricks and wanted a rendered finish, and the energy efficiency of Hebel is better than brick as an added bonus”.

The house has clearly come a long way with the winners very deserving of the $5,000 prize money which Neil says will help them pay off some bills from their wedding and honeymoon.

“We’ve dealt with a lot but it was all worth it in the end, we love our house,” tells Neil.

“When our wedding guests saw the finished house they were amazed, most of them had last seen it half-finished at our engagement party.”

Neil says he’s now helping some friends with their home renovation and has encouraged them to use Hebel products for their project.

Congratulations to the newlyweds Neil and Ashlee, we hope you’ll keep us updated on life in your stunning Hebel home!

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