Nostra Homes townhouse residents will enjoy the benefits of Hebel

Residents of a townhouse development in the Melbourne suburb of Greenvale will have all the benefits of one of Hebel’s latest products when they move into their new homes.

The builders, Nostra Homes, have opted for the Hebel PowerPanel50 system for the project’s dual zero boundary walls, saving time during the construction process and ensuring high level fire and acoustic performance for the future occupants of the 18 dwellings.

Based in Melbourne, Nostra Homes has been building homes since 2006, with its services including conventional homes, townhouses and a large range of medium density developments.

Its policy of building affordable homes that exceed the industry standard has made it natural for it to include Hebel among its choice of products.

New Hebel system benefits builders and residents

“We’re really happy with the Hebel,” said Mario De Petro, Business Development and Marketing Manager for Nostra Homes. “It has good sound insulation that allows us to do a boundary to boundary construction and it gives us a good selling point as well, because clients understand that Hebel is a quality product.”

The PowerPanel50 system, developed and warranted by CSR, offers numerous benefits for the builders and residents of low rise multi-residential developments such as the Nostra Homes townhouses in Greenvale. It has minimal components, making it quick and easy to install. It also offers high fire resistance and strong acoustic performance. And when Hebel panels are delivered to the site, there is no need to worry about the weather. They are not harmed by wet or damp conditions, ensuring that construction timetables are not affected adversely.

Hoist saves time and ensures quality

PowerWall Solutions and their hoist system, a combination that has proved successful for Nostra Homes on previous projects, were used for the dual zero boundary walls installation work at the Greenvale townhouse development.

The hoist allows boundary or intertenancy walls to be lifted and moved into position from above, making it an easy exercise to then slide them into place and fix them from inside the building.

This has proved a welcome time-saver for builders, and facilitates installation in limited access areas.

Nostra Homes recently tried out another type of wall system before the decision was made to revert to Hebel,  following the introduction of Hebel PowerPanel50 systems for intertenancy and dual zero boundary wall systems for low-rise multi-residential projects.

“We did have a look at other systems but our managing director and all our team are very happy with the Hebel product because, as well as being effective, it is also fully compliant with all of the regulations, which we see as so important,” said Mario.

Over the years, the main use of Hebel by Nostra Homes has been for the boundary walls of its numerous multi-residential projects, but this could change to more applications.

“We do a lot of townhouse style projects, boundary to boundary, so we’ve used the Hebel PowerPanel75 system, and now the Hebel PowerPanel50, on those,” said Mario.

“At the same time, I know the team is pretty keen to use Hebel in other ways as well. We’re always looking for new methods of doing things, and this could include Hebel in the future.”


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