Porter Davis delivers dream homes quicker with Hebel

Melbourne home builders Porter Davis believe building a new home can provide the foundation for constructing a better life. 

Steve Tankey, Director of Porter Davis, thinks that building with Hebel helps them achieve the greatest results.  

“When somebody’s building their own home, they usually want it to be their dream home. And it’s the biggest investment that the majority of people will ever make in their life. So it’s a big commitment from us to them. And they put a lot of trust in us to achieve the outcome the right way,” he explained.

Building with quality products, like Hebel, contributes to achieving this goal – creating more aesthetically appealing and stylish homes. 

“If you want a rendered home, Hebel homes are better looking – there’s no doubt about that,” he explained.

A Porter Davis home – built using Hebel.

According to Steve, it’s also much quicker to create these distinguished looking homes with Hebel.

“Working with Hebel allows us to achieve time savings, it takes less time to build a home with Hebel compared to brickwork. And with rendered finishes becoming more popular – the Hebel appeals in that area too,” he explained.  

This benefits Porter Davis and their clients, because it helps to achieve the smooth rendered look without complicating the building process. 

“The industry has somewhat changed the facade treatments on homes, and Hebel allows you to create a rendered facade with a bit more flexibility. Hebel is lightweight, so you don’t have to meet as many structural requirements. It’s easier than putting brickwork up and rendering it,” Steve said.

By delivering the look clients want in a quicker time period, Porter Davis is also able to reduce the cost of the build for their clients.

“The faster building time is a key point. A lot of timesaving is not taken into account when people look into products like Hebel. When you take the time savings you can apply to the construction period into account, Hebel can provide a huge cost benefit,” he explained. 

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