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Why Hebel Matters in your home

Your home might be the greatest investment of your life, and not just in the financial sense. You spend a significant amount of time at home, and it’s where you form some of your most precious memories with friends and family. So, you should try to make your home the best place it can possibly be. […]

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2020’s Key Colour Trends

What are the trends that are really dominating this year? We sat down with Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour and Communications Manager for the Dulux Group, to get the answers!

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A Hebel home is for all seasons

Australia is a place of climatic extremes – from the Snowy Mountains in NSW, which sees the mercury drop well below zero, to Marble Bar in WA, which regularly experiences temperatures in excess of 40 Degrees Celsius.

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What R-values mean in home building decisions

When building a new home it’s important to consider how well external walls, the roof, windows, doors and floors resist the flow of heat – in and out – throughout the year. Heat always moves from a hot area to a cool area, so in summer you want the best way of reducing the heat […]

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