The Versatility of Rendered Façades

Home and building exteriors have really changed over the years to exude more personality, work better within their landscapes, and increase their street appeal. The versatile use of rendered façades is a great example of how there is increasingly an opening up of the design space in exteriors that is more experiential and dynamic. Designers will often look to the flexibility of the rendered façade for permission to add and combine colour, texture and different finishes in ways we’ve not seen before.

Many Australians are looking for a style that is at home in any environment – whether it’s classic, contemporary or organic. By expanding how we use and combine different materials we now have the unique opportunity to create styles that are as versatile as they are good-looking. Commercial buildings and houses in Australia are seen to be challenging the status quo around rendering through the mixture of different materials and techniques.


Builder: Regent Homes 

Experimenting with texture

With render, you can choose from a variety of textures. Textures can vary from a very fine, subtle texture that creates an effortlessly modern look, all the way to course textured finish that gives the building a bit more of natural vibe that wouldn’t look out of place in the south of Spain.

Australia has also seen an increase in contrasting different textures against each other as well as self-patterned textures which can create a visually striking mix that catches the eyes of passers-by. A rendered façade can become quite bold when combined with stone panelling that highlights important architectural features such as columns or feature walls. Similarly, the simple aesthetic of rendered panels combined with dated brick exteriors can infuse a modern and sleek look to a home whilst not taking away from the overall soft character of the home.


Builder: CarterGrange Home

Modern aesthetic achieved through a variety of finishes

Rendered façades are taken to the next level with a variety of finishes. Some building materials are now combining a range of renders to achieve an assortment of looks including metallic, sandstone and polished concrete finishes. The range in finishes reflect the latest in building trends have enough range in style to suit every taste, from classic and understated all the way to modern industrial.


Hebel PowerPattern Facade

Giving buildings a new lease for life through a variety of colours

Renders are often available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to choose the right colour for your home or building. Neutral colours are still a household favourite; however, the increased use of rendering has meant that these neutrals have become more sophisticated. Both high-rises and homes have been experimenting with different tones in the same colour palette. Take for example: a silvery grey concrete exterior, combined with a dark grey roof and finished with a slate grey wooden front door – a clear winner for anyone wanting to subtly enhance the look of the modern home.

Building with Hebel offers you the ideal clean palette and lightweight material to achieve the exterior look you want. For those interested specifically in how rendering can provide either the backbone or the finishing touch to a modern design, Hebel continues to showcase a variety of ways that it can be used in contemporary commercial and housing design to bring a creative vision to life that is both diverse and harmonic.

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