Thomas Archer’s distinctively different approach to contemporary design.

Melbourne-based Thomas Archer is a boutique building and design company renowned for creating stunning homes that are as distinctive and individual as their clients.

The art of a Thomas Archer build lies in their meticulous attention to detail and the desire to offer uniquely shaped solutions that combine their architectural expertise and demand for quality with the vision and personality of the client.


With such a focus on creating beautifully crafted homes that capture the essence of a stylish, contemporary Australian lifestyle, it’s little wonder the team at Thomas Archer is drawn to the Hebel range of products. In fact, in every build where Hebel is a match made in design heaven.

“While our distinct design aesthetic is the hallmark of our homes, it’s important to us that all the materials we use, both in the interior and exterior, elevate the liveability of the home from both a visual and sustainability standpoint”, says Thomas Archer Founder and Director Frank Tarulli.

Hebel helps Thomas Archer achieve its vision to create spaces that are imbued with light, harmony and modern sensibilities.

Passionate about their design philosophy that seeks to reimagine a contemporary modern aesthetic that suits all styles of homes and block layouts, the flexibility, innovation and strikingly distinctive qualities of Hebel is the perfect fit for Thomas Archer’s range of homes.


“Our clients choose Thomas Archer for our focus on providing homes that create an instant impact, from their distinctive exterior to seamless, clean lines and harmonious connectivity from room to room. We’ve found Hebel to not only be extremely flexible with our style of homes, but also offer our clients added value with supreme insulation qualities from which they will benefit year after year.”

Warm textural finishes, earthy neutral tones, bold contrasting colours and the desire to capture the essence of the outside landscape through the use of natural light are common themes in the Thomas Archer portfolio. Hebel sets the standard for high quality finishes, with a mix of concrete combined with smooth render and other mixed materials that allow builders to achieve their vision.

As a Melbourne builder, Thomas Archer is also conscious of the need to use materials that offer superior insulation and energy efficiency. The warmth and year-round comfort of Hebel panels is a welcome addition and further embraces the concept of smarter, more sustainable modern living.


“Hebel gives us the perfect canvas on which to build exceptional family homes that are designed to be loved and lived in for the lifetime of the home. Our clients expect something special from a Thomas Archer home, so using superior quality materials such as Hebel that deliver on both aesthetic form and practical function is incredibly important to us. We’re equally impressed with the product from a construction perspective, as it ensures the installation process is highly efficient and clean. The end result is reduced building waste, site deliveries and labour on site and most importantly, a quality finish our clients can enjoy sooner.”

Images supplied by Thomas Archer Homes, Featuring the Heritage and Stirling designs. 

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