Upgrade to a
CSR Hebel home
with Metricon

Luxury upgrades for your new home
with Designer by Metricon.

Upgrade your lifestyle with CSR Hebel's high-performing and low-maintenance smooth rendered facade, solid walls and impact-reducing flooring. Get superior acoustic and insulation benefits all-year round for your family's comfort and safety.


The first thing your friends and family will appreciate when they see your new Designer by Metricon home is the effort and quality that has gone into creating its facade. This is not just a function of design and style, it’s also a reflection of the quality of the materials used, like the magnificent bricks or a render finish. Beyond this, though, a great facade is all about merging and blending different textures and materials to form a harmonious, pleasing home.

Steel, glass, bricks, render, timber, colours … all these elements need to be balanced and crafted to create that all-important “Wow” moment when your guests arrive for the first time. And so that you love coming home, every day, just as much as you love living in your home.


Metricon have trusted Hebel to enhance their beautiful homes over many years. Hebel is known for its strength, thermal and acoustic properties, as well as outstanding fire resistance. Hebel walls help to keep your home cooler in summer, and warm and cosy in winter. That means less reliance on heating and cooling, and can lead to savings on energy costs. External walls built with Hebel are finished with an acrylic coating system which gives you the freedom to choose from hundreds of colours to achieve the perfect look you desire.

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The Hebel PowerFloor system gives your home the solid feel of a concrete slab floor. As we increase our time working from home, we need to create quieter spaces. PowerFloor is brilliant for this application as sound doesn’t travel through the system and it eliminates squeaking, bouncing and noise from upstairs. It can also be used in decks and balconies. Made in Australia, Hebel can help you build a beautiful and safe home with the design expertise provided by Metricon. A beautiful way to live.

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