Why Hebel is a better choice when building in bushfire zones

Being prepared in the event of a bushfire is a non-negotiable for many families living in rural and regional parts of Australia. The ever-present threat of losing a home or business to an unforeseen blaze is, in many cases, a harsh reality.

It is therefore critical when building in a bushfire zone to select the most suitable building materials to protect your property from the unpredictability of the Australian summer.

Every development on land that is designated by each individual state and territory regulator as bushfire prone has a legal obligation to consider the threat of a bushfire.

The design and construction of a new building must comply with a range of statutory regulations and building standards set to reduce the risk of ignition from a bushfire.

States and territories each adopt various legislation to reduce fire risk, yet all must comply with Australian Standard AS 3959 (Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas) which provides the construction requirements for each level of the six bushfire attack levels (BAL) for floors, roofs and external walls.

Over the past 20 years, Hebel has emerged as the principal choice when building a home in a bushfire zone. Hebel has developed a full range of solid and lightweight framed building systems with high resistance, offering assurance and added security for homeowners of bushfire prone properties.

All Hebel products have exceptional fire resistance properties and meet or exceed the requirements for all six BAL categories, making it an intelligent choice when building in a bushfire prone area.

Hebel is versatile enough to be used for a range of applications when building a new home – from external and internal walls to floors, decks and fencing. All products are non-combustible and won’t explode, even under extreme heat.

Director of Solar Solutions Design, Darren Evans, believes Hebel is the most suitable choice for his clients who are building in bushfire prone areas. “Hebel is our go to product for bushfire zones,” Darren says. “It allows us to design with freedom knowing it has all the properties we need to keep the home and our clients safe and protected.”

Hebel also delivers a beautiful rendered finish, clean architectural lines and great thermal insulation. This means you can enjoy the great benefits of living in a Hebel home whilst still having the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure in the event of a bushfire threat.

Images via Solar Solutions Design

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