Why Hebel matters in the construction skills shortage

Australia’s residential and commercial construction boom is offering a substantial platform for the construction industry following the mining downturn.

Recent figures from the The Australian Industry Group and Housing Industry Association‘s Performance of Construction Index (PCI) have the residential growth point at 56.8, which indicates solid expansion within this sector.

The challenge for all those in the industry is to keep up with this activity. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported last year that the construction industry had faced a 22% skills and labour shortage. Currently, foreign investment in NSW residential and commercial property development and $2 billion worth of residential projects underway in QLD make this demand for skilled staff even greater.

It is clear that for the industry to take advantage of this boom, methods need to be implemented to upskill and skill match through more innovative avenues.

Due to the increase in demand for CSR Hebel’s PowerPanel XL external wall façade system, the need to keep up with demand does not stop with supply of product. It extends to the ability to offer the industry suitably skilled workers to install the product.

CSR Hebel’s Master Installers actively recruit across all sections of the construction industry; recruiting and training plumbers, carpenters, tilers, labourers and roofers. For the past 6 months Hebel has offered full day training sessions designed to provide attendees with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to safely and successfully install Hebel PowerPanelXL. Attendees are educated in product history, safety management, design and installation guidelines. They are also offered business support by CSR Hebel and the Master Installers relating to employment or sub-contracting opportunities.

Hebel undertakes this process with a commitment to provide customers with a professional supply and install service. This not only frees up their time but also ensures that building systems are installed correctly and to the CSR standard.

The benefits of Hebel’s expertise in installation extend not only to the customer, but to the new Installers as well. They are guaranteed consistent work, recognition of their expertise in Hebel installation, flexibility, the opportunity to work with innovative building solutions and to be part of the wider booming construction industry in Australia.

Hebel Construction Supervisor, Anthony Gazzini started out as an installer. He said he found the training and support provided by CSR Hebel to be an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone involved. “The training is really good and safety is paramount. Every three months there are meetings on how we can further improve safety. I love working in this area, we have consistent work and everyone who works in the company is really supportive,” he said.

Current Installers, construction teams and the training department support training for successful candidates that wish to pursue becoming a Hebel Installer.

CSR Hebel encourages the use of people’s current skill set or trade background and offers the necessary technical guidance and support to ensure this can successfully be carried across to become a Hebel Installer.

If you are interested in opportunities to become a Hebel Installer, visit here.

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