Why Hebel Matters in your home

Your home might be the greatest investment of your life, and not just in the financial sense. You spend a significant amount of time at home, and it’s where you form some of your most precious memories with friends and family. So, you should try to make your home the best place it can possibly be. Whether you’re building it from scratch or renovating, building with Hebel can help and has many benefits.

Save time and money on the build

Why wait any longer than you have to before you can live in your dream home? Hebel is a strong and solid building material that can easily be cut onsite and can be quickly and easily installed without compromising on quality. This can help construction times and can lead to lower labour costs.

Create a comfortable home for every season

Hebel panels perform well thermally, helping to keep your house cool from the heat in summer, and keeping it warm and cosy in winter. That means less reliance on heating and cooling, and can lead to savings on energy costs.

My Ideal House, project by Mirvac, photographed by Rick Gates.

Enjoy peace and quiet

The use of Hebel external walls can significantly reduce sound transmission between rooms and limits the noise from external sources like traffic and your noisy neighbours. If you are planning to build a double story house, the use of Hebel PowerFloor limits the amount of sound transferred between floors, especially important in a family home.


Hebel PowerFloor, helps keep your home quiet

Feel safe & secure

Bushfires present a significant threat to many Australian homes, so it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible for any potential danger. Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties. A non-combustible material, Hebel’s cladding systems meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories.


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