Why Serenity Homes chooses Hebel for their award-winning custom homes

Founded fourteen years ago, Serenity Homes has emerged as Adelaide’s leading custom home builder. Their team of experts operate with the specific goal of providing clients with exemplary, fully customised homes to fit their individual needs.

Their passion is to make dream homes possible, while delivering a stress-free experience for clients. This extra level of commitment has secured them the HIA Award for South Australian Small Builder/Renovator of the Year for eight consecutive years.

Founder and Managing Director of Serenity Homes, Gary Barnes, has over thirty years of building experience. His knowledge and expertise of the building process is unparalleled and he remains heavily involved in each build the company takes on.

Gary emphasises that, being a company strongly committed to both quality and efficiency, Hebel is involved in the vast majority of Serenity Homes’ projects. It has been a key feature in some of their most defining builds, such as the multi-awarding winning Soudai home – a custom build that Gary is particularly proud of.

“When we built it, it was right up with the time. It was quite unique. The fact that we were using Hebel enabled us to do some different building processes, like we had the top overhanging the bottom, whereas normally you’d line up the external walls. By using Hebel we were able to extend the top of the building,” he said.

Gary Barnes attributes the success of Soudai to its special structure, with the top overhanging the bottom

Gary also asserts that Hebel has enabled Serenity Homes to deliver more innovative building solutions on a range of projects over the years.

“Once we’d started to use it, we’d come up with different ideas and different ways we could use it. It opened up some new doors for us because obviously bricks and mortar have been used for many years and everyone knows what you can do with them, but we were trying to produce something different to the norm and Hebel’s enabled us to do that,” he explained.  

In addition to aiding Serenity Homes to create modern and unique homes, Hebel also provides a flexible material for combating issues when they arise in the building process.

Gary finds Hebel especially useful when building on problematic sites, such as ones with very steep slopes. “We know that if we’re using Hebel, we’ve got more flexibility because of its light weight,” he added.

Hebel also helps them achieve their fundamental goal of satisfying clients to the highest standard. “It has fantastic thermal and acoustic properties, most clients are already aware of this. It makes the home more efficient and comfortable to live in,” he said. “Clients are very happy with the end product. I think if you’re looking for a clean textured look, Hebel panel is the best product to use.”

If you’re involved in the building industry and looking for new ways to deliver outstanding results to your clients, get in touch with CSR Hebel today on 1300 712 896.

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