How to build a Hebel PowerFloor deck

Hebel PowerFloor is a highly versatile, 75mm thick, solid flooring system that gives you the feel of a concrete floor at a significantly lower cost and much easier installation.

Simply installed over conventional floor framing such as decking joists, the system of panels fit snugly together to form a solid, strong, smooth floor. It is the perfect base for ceramic tiles.

PowerFloor’s superior termite-resistance, low noise transmission, thermal insulation properties and fire resistance make it the perfect choice for your deck.

Step-by-step guide:

Gather your supplies

What components you'll need

  • Fasteners
  • The correct sized fasteners for PowerFloor must always be used. Screws for fixing Hebel PowerFloor panels to Timber Joists: 14-10 x 100mm MP Bugle Head Batten Screws or equivalent. Screws for fixing Hebel PowerFloor panels to Steel Joists: 14-10 x 95mm Hex Head Self-tapping Screws or equivalent (no seal required). This fastener is suitable for metal thickness <3mm. Refer to screw manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Timber & Steel
  • Support Systems Timber or steel floor framing can be used to support the Hebel PowerFloor panels. The allowable spacing of the joists is 450mm or 600mm only. Either spacings are suitable for 75mm PowerFloor Panels. The joists, bearers and other supports shall be sized in accordance with the framing manufacturer’s recommendations or by a qualified structural engineer. Where steel joist framing is used it must be ensured that the PowerFloor panels are provided with uniform and complete bearing onto each steel joist.

    Note: The designer should allow at least 51kg/m2 for the self weight of the Hebel PowerFloor panel. A minimum joist flange width of 45mm is required.

  • Hebel Adhesive
  • Hebel Adhesive (supplied in 20kg bags) is used for gluing the panels together at all joints. Typically, panel joints are 2-3mm thick. Sufficient pressure should be applied to the joint to ensure full coverage of adhesive in the joint. Adhesive is to be mixed to the proportions as stated on the bag.

  • Construction Adhesive
  • A 5mm (minimum) bead of Fuller Max Bond construction adhesive is applied to the top of the joists. Ensure the surface is free of coatings and loose material that may inhibit bond.

  • Caulking
  • All gaps at openings, penetrations and control joints should be completely sealed with an appropriate flexible exterior sealant, installed over an expanding foam backing rod and applied in accordance with the sealant manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Hebel Patch
  • Minor chips or damage to PowerFloor panels are to be repaired using Hebel Patch. Hebel Patch is available in 10kg bags.

  • Hebel Anti-Corrosion protection paint
  • Any reinforcement that is exposed when panels are cut must be coated with a liberal application of Hebel anti-corrosion protection paint.

What else can I build with Hebel?

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