Hebel selected in apartment walls for risk minimisation

Hebel is consistently chosen for intertenancy and corridor wall systems by many of Australia’s most recognised builders and developers, including Meriton, Mirvac, Crown Group and Lend Lease.

These industry leaders turn to Hebel internal walls for their high-rise projects because of the variety of benefits they provide, including quality, project efficiency and risk minimisation.

One of the major considerations when selecting internal wall systems for high-rise apartments is choosing a system that provides a solid foundation for risk minimisation in design and construction.

Hebel delivers a cost effective walling solution that significantly reduces the opportunity for non-compliance through a combination of key product advantages and service offerings.

Less risk points

The ease and simplicity of the Hebel wall system means that there are less risk points and therefore less opportunity for defects or non-compliance. An example of this is there’s no need for fire-rated GPOs, and dampers are connected to the Hebel panel only.

Service penetration installation and compliance is also quick and easy. In certain applications a single fire collar running through the Hebel panel removes the need to install fire collars on both sides, ensuring minimal risk of errors.

Hebel PowerPanel is installed from slab to soffit with only one fire sealant position required, taking more risk out of the installation and meaning that apartments can be sealed as you go, removing the need for continuous back tracking.

Fire-rating compliance

Hebel PowerPanel is the single fire-rated element and there is only one fire-sealant position required at the soffit, which makes BCA fire-rating compliance easy.

As an accredited provider of building regulation advice and fire safety regulatory advice and design, Director of BCA Logic Alan Harriman knows all too well the detriments of non-compliance in the high-rise apartment sector. As such, he recognises the value in Hebel systems because of how easily they achieve fire-rating requirements.


Director of BCA Logic Allan Harriman

“Because I deal a lot with fire safety defects, I appreciate the relative ease that the Hebel system provides in relation to installing and sealing such penetrations,” he added.

Peter Cotton, National Practice Director for Mirvac Design, agrees that Hebel is a superior product in the market for ensuring simple fire-rating compliance.

“The advantage lies in the fact that, in relation to the internal walls, the Hebel product has the fire-rating and is the first thing that goes in. It’s sealed and tested on site before we then apply plasterboard,” he explained.

Onsite inspections

Hebel internal wall systems are uniquely placed to minimise risk points in construction. However, there’s still the potential for error. Due to this, Hebel also conducts regular onsite inspections to avoid common non-compliances around service penetrations and junctions.

This is an extra measure that few other companies undertake to help minimise risk points and non-compliance issues. Just another way Hebel strives to minimise risk and assist in making fire-rating compliance simpler and easier.

Header Image: Park Lane and The Mark, Central Park, courtesy of Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia.

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