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A pre-made machined panel that meets compliance requirements and works seamlessly with Hebel’s innovative corridor wall system.

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Hebel is a high performance building product used to create comfortable and sustainable homes and buildings.

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What is Hebel?

CSR Hebel is Australia’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Backed by CSR, the trusted name in building products, Hebel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is available in panels or blocks. It is kind to the environment, quick to build with and better to live in.

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Benefits of Hebel

Hebel products and systems deliver a range of outstanding benefits to builders, architects, and homeowners.

Strong and solid

Hebel panels are high-performance products containing steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability.

Energy efficient

Hebel panels perform well thermally, helping to keep your house cool from the heat in summer, and keeping it warm and cosy in winter. That means less reliance on heating and cooling, and can lead to savings on energy costs.

Quality and speed

Building with Hebel can mean faster construction times, without sacrificing on quality.  One standard Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means a 150m2 home can go up as quickly as within 3 days when installed by experienced Hebel installers. A high quality building material, Hebel provides a great solution in terms of speed and ease of construction which is why it is increasingly becoming the builder’s choice.


Hebel is made using readily available raw materials. Some of the waste generated in the manufacturing process is recycled, even down to the condensation that’s produced.
Lightweight and easy-to-install, Hebel is available in custom sizes, reducing construction waste and enables fast installation, all of which help reduce the total energy consumed during construction.

Noise reduction

A Hebel home is a quiet one because it reduces noise transmission. Compared to polystyrene and many fibre cement substrates, the use of Hebel for external walls reduces noise from external sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet. And when used for upper floors, can reduce sound transference between levels as well.

Fire resistant

Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties, and is a non-combustible building material. Hebel systems have been tested by the CSIRO and are proven to achieve Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) of 60 minutes through to 240 minutes, and meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories.  This makes it an ideal choice in bushfire zones.


CSR Hebel is the only manufacturer of AAC in Australia. With over 30 years of experience in developing, testing and producing AAC you can be assured you’re getting high quality products and systems and unmatched technical expertise with Hebel.

Where can Hebel be used?

Hebel Product Range

Used right across the construction sector, Hebel AAC products are non combustible. They are suitable for external walls / facades, internal walls, floors, fencing, sound barriers, fire & acoustic walls and fire tunnels.

Product guide

Information on the full Hebel product range, accessories and sizes.

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Hebel Product Guide

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