Arakringa Crescent display home built by Carter Grange.

One material, endless applications

Versatile, durable and easy to install, Hebel many applications means it can deliver a variety of building solutions for your next project.

Whether it’s a single dwelling, high-rise apartment block or new commercial facility, material selection is one of the most important decisions to make during a new build.

The materials you choose should deliver on aesthetics and durability; perform well acoustically; be fire resistant, and fast to install so that you can keep project costs and schedules under control.

In the past, builders and designers had three main options: brick, concrete and fibre cement. But when it comes to modern construction, Hebel is quickly becoming the go-to solution for quality builds.

Read on to discover how Hebel has a solution for every project – no matter how big or small.

A versatile building product

Hebel is a high-performance, masonry-type building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). It is available in blocks and panels that are easy to handle, quick to build with, and better to live and work in.

As one of the most versatile building materials on the market, Hebel has been used by architects, developers and builders around the country for a variety of projects – including residential, multi-residential, commercial and civil.

Its applications range from high-quality exterior walls and façades to intertenancy and corridor walls, floors and fences and it can be used to solve a variety of design and construction challenges.

Fabulous façades

When it comes to designing a show-stopping façade, Hebel PowerPanel and Hebel PowerPanelXL are a great place to start. Designed for use in high- and low-rise projects respectively, both products provide a solid base for a wide range of colours and textured renders to achieve the look you want.

Schofield Gardens - Aland

Add a decorative element to high- and low-rise facades with the pre-routed panels from our Hebel PowerPattern range. Image – Schofield Gardens, Aland

Additionally, our Hebel PowerPattern collection can be used to add a decorative element to facades. Suitable for use on high- and low-rise buildings alike, the modular panels in this collection come with pre-routed patterns that instantly draw the eye. When combined with texture paint, render or spray-on coating systems, they can achieve a range of looks including metallic, sandstone and polished concrete finishes.

“Hebel provides many options around colour and finish,” says Adrian Puzey, CSR’s Category Manager. “In the past, a designer or architect often had to align their project design with materials that were standard ranges. Now, our products can be produced to meet what designers have in mind.”

Residential facades can be further accessorised with Hebel PowerProfile, a dynamically profiled cladding system that mimics the look of standing seam and other coated metal systems.

“When designing a residential façade, you might start with PowerPanelXL, before adding PowerPattern for depth and detail, or PowerProfile for a three-dimensional look,” says Adrian. “This is not something you can easily do with standard concrete or brick.”

A close-up of a residential façade featured Hebel PowerProfile.

A simple but dynamic cladding system, Hebel PowerProfile is a great way to elevate a home’s façade.

Solid and secure walls

Whether you’re building schools or offices, apartments or dual-occupancy homes, solid external and internal walls are essential. With steel reinforcement for added strength, plus an anti-corrosion layer for maximum durability, Hebel’s wall systems are a reliable long-term investment.

PowerPanelXL is specified in residential builds for precisely this reason. Not only do the 75mm-thick panels look and feel solid, they also provide thermal insulation – helping to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

“PowerPanelXL remains dense enough to provide good acoustics, and because it is aerated, it acts as a thermal insulator,” explains Adrian. “If you compare PowerPanel to solid concrete or brickwork, its insulation properties further contribute to home efficiency while still providing a solid and substantial feel like traditional masonry.”

Arakringa Crescent display home built by Carter Grange.

Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems enhance the comfort and liveability of dual-occupancy and apartment homes. Image – Arakringa Crescent display home built by Carter Grange. 

For multi-residential projects, Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems deliver similar benefits. With their slim, lightweight design and good acoustic performance, Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems reduce noise transmission between residences, and enhance the liveability of dual-occupancy homes and high-rise apartments.

Functional floors

A quality build starts from the floor up, and Hebel has become a popular choice amongst architects and builders looking for strong and solid flooring systems.

The Hebel PowerFloor system is ideal for residential and multi-residential builds. It can be used to install first floors, suspended ground floors, decks and balconies – and provides an excellent base for just about any floor covering. Better still, it offers good sound insulation and helps create peaceful indoor environments.

The Catalina by Newport Homes – Box Hill

Built by Newport Homes, the Catalina features Hebel PowerFloor on the upper storey.

“Hebel PowerFloor is fantastic for upper storeys because it minimises noise transference between levels and allows you to maintain a sense of peace and quiet in your home,” says Adrian. “It has a solid, concrete feel and eliminates the squeaking and bouncing you often get with thin particleboard flooring, too.”

For commercial construction, PowerFloor+ provides a fully engineered, load-bearing reinforced floor system. The panels fit snugly together to form a smooth and strong floor with excellent fire resistance and good thermal insulation.

“From façade to floor to fence, we are the industry’s provider of choice for AAC or aerated concrete cladding,” says Adrian.

“Builders and property developers know the benefits that Hebel can bring to a project and the difference it will make in creating a solid, comfortable and quiet environment for their clients.”


Want to learn more about Hebel products for your residential or commercial project? View our product guide or email today.

Image credit/photographer: Lead image supplied by Newport Homes

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