CSR Redcliffe Newport House Courtyard

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Departing from their usual commercial project focus, Cornerstone Building Developments (QLD) undertook a unique residential property project with curve appeal.

Working primarily with clients from the healthcare sector to create world-class integrated healthcare developments, Cornerstone Building Developments (Cornerstone) recently made a significant departure from their large portfolio of commercial projects.

Having built a long and close relationship over the years on various commercial projects, Cornerstone were excited when an esteemed client approach them with her forever home residential project.

An impressive waterfront residential project with a skillion roof, Kelly and Phil were intrigued by the fact that there were actually two separate dwellings contained within the property each with a skillion roof on the same line creating a sense of connection.

CSR Redcliffe Newport House View from Water

The connection of the skillion roof with subtle curves underneath the right hand side residence creates an impressive waterfront view. Photography courtesy of Cornerstone Group

“Our focus is commercial through and through, whether these are turnkey projects, commercial renovation or even, maintenance works. We do not undertake residential projects typically unless a client approaches us and there are special reasons to do so. In this case, we have had a very long and close relationship with this client. She has exacting standards and presented us with an exciting opportunity to build something quite unique,” Phil explained.

“This was a property by the water which meant a challenge on some levels. But at the same time, this was a challenge we were quite excited about and one that we felt strongly that we could rise up to,” Kelly commented.

Cornerstone took the architectural drawings they were provided and overlaid them with construction ingenuity to meet the client’s expectations of high standards and quality finishes. This involved working out all construction details, including providing recommendations for specifications and other factors that would impact the design-build process and the use of appropriate quality materials. It was a highly solution-orientated approach aimed at ensuring they could meet the unique needs of the building.

The use of curves was a central feature of the client’s vision for her home and served to create balance and softness while also contributing to a sense of simplicity and synchronicity. The client had a strong desire for a minimal-maintenance home that still offered luxury, comfort and practicality.

The use of curves, however, can pose challenges, especially in terms of structural integrity. This issue was behind the single most important decision that Cornerstone took to drive the use of curves made from Hebel.

CSR Redcliffe Newport House Work in Progress

L-R: A look at the iconic curves shaped using faceted Hebel during the work-in-progress on the home; A signature element, these curves made from Hebel create a distinct ambience for this beautiful home. Photography right to left. Open Architecture Studio and Cathy Schusler

A strong, versatile, high-performance product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), Hebel was the way forward for Cornerstone for this particular property. From a build perspective, it took into account both the quality and thermal issues faced with a property so close to the water.

“Using a product that is already readily available and commonly used, something that tradespeople are familiar with, means assured confidence. It’s lightweight, it allows for quick cladding and building, and even better, there is the ability to cut, facet and shape it while retaining its structural integrity. You really can’t ask for anything better than this,” Kelly explained.

CSR Redcliffe Newport House entrance and curve

Soft curves made from Hebel are subtly integrated within the entry point of this beautiful home. Photography courtesy of Cornerstone Group

“There’s one more thing: with curves, you cannot patch the render. If errors or cracks arise, you’d need to do it all over again. But with Hebel, there’s less movement, less loss of integrity and reduced opportunity for cracking. This is what makes this product so impressive. There is also anti-corrosion reinforcement, and with availability in blocks and panels, you can build easily with it,” Phil shared.

Another key product used was the Hebel PowerPanel50 panel which fit straight onto frames for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durability.  These panels are great for use as intertenancy/party walls, dual zero boundary walls and external walls.

CSR Redcliffe Newport House Courtyard

Curves made with Hebel are integrated throughout all transition points transforming the look and experience for the owners. Photography by CSR

As a partner in this process, CSR was incredibly supportive from day one, providing reassurance to the client and ensuring we had great products to work with, also from a serviceability and maintenance perspective.

The team’s proudest moment: a super satisfied customer.

“This home is truly one of a kind and it’s beautiful. But more than anything, we’re very proud of how much the client loves their home. Three years on, and she still thanks us for her home,” Kelly shared.

“When the job was done, this client put together the most amazing spread for us and the whole team involved. She continues to praise the team even to this day. This home went up for a Master Builder award a few years ago and the architects are incredibly proud of it too. There were high expectations for this property but we achieved what we set out to do. We didn’t want an inferior product and we’re very proud of the fact that all the boxes were ticked off,” Phil explained.

The client is a happy one, satisfied with a home that redefines comfort, style and minimalist upkeep. With Hebel offering the perfect solution to creating lasting curves and a soft, welcoming flow to the home.


Hebel curved elements are created by cutting Hebel PowerPanel, and faceting and shaping it to achieve the desired radius.

Images courtesy of Mindi Cooke and Cathy Schusler

Architects: openarchitecture.studio and jasperbrownarchitects.com
Construction: cornerstonegroup.com.au

To learn more about Hebel visit: https://hebel.com.au/segment/houses/

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