Fixtures and fittings – how to secure to your Hebel walls

Often we are asked by homeowners about how they can secure fittings to their Hebel walls – items such as light fittings, taps, downpipes, clotheslines, hot water services and hose reels. Using the right fitting for the relevant fixture will help avoid damage occurring to the wall.

We recommend homeowners seek advice on their individual home from their builder or designer before drilling holes or securing any loads onto their Hebel walls.

What not to fix directly to Hebel walls

Homeowners should be aware that items such as gates, decks, pergolas, carports and basketball hoops can cause vibrations or excessive loads on Hebel walls – and they shouldn’t be secured to the walls. There is a solution; fixing them to posts that are independent of the wall will ensure the load isn’t directly transferred to the Hebel panels or blocks. If in doubt please contact CSR Hebel on 1300 443 235.

Drilling and sealing

Holes, or penetrations, can be drilled in Hebel walls using a masonry drill bit fitted to a standard drill, not a rotary hammer one. When the hole has been filled with the fixture or components such as brackets, the gap around should be filled with an external grade sealant. Note that any hole is a potential source for water ingress.

Common fixings for use with Hebel

Some of the most common fixtures and fittings are covered in the table below;

These fixings are available through selected hardware outlets and building suppliers around Australia, you can search for hardware stores on our website here.

For more extensive coverage of fixings refer to the Hebel Technical Manual Part 5 – Proprietary Fixing & Brackets and Surface Finishes.

The friendly CSR Hebel team is happy to provide assistance to homeowners in doubt. Contact us on 1300 443 235 or email

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