New Hebel external wall guide for houses and multi-residential projects

Working with Hebel systems for houses or low rise multi-residential projects? Make sure you’ve got the latest Design and Installation Guide for using PowerPanelXL in external walls on single or two-storey residential projects. It has updated installation details aligned with the Australian Standards for Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: AS5146.

Comprehensive on-the-ground construction details

In keeping with the CSR Hebel standard of providing quality information that’s easy-to-follow, the Guide contains over 50 colour construction details with descriptive labels. To find a particular detail quickly in the online version, simply go to the Construction Details Overview section, click on the one you want and you’ll be taken to the right page.

Updated window sill and garage door jamb details

As part of CSR Hebel’s drive to continually deliver better ways to design and build, window sill details for aluminium windows have been updated. We recommend removing the rubber weather strip at the sill of the window frame of the supplied window and installing external grade sealant between the bottom of window and the Hebel sill panel. Installed correctly, this achieves weather tightness and removes the need to coat over the weather strip. There’s also an updated detail for installing wall wrap in one of the garage door jamb details to help optimise control of condensation under certain conditions.

The new Hebel Design & Installation Guide for Houses and Low Rise Multi Residential PowerPanelXL External Walls is available at in the Downloads section. Click on any listing in Contents and you’ll be taken straight to the page you want – or start at the beginning and read through. If you need further assistance with your project specification or construction, please call us on 1300 369 448 or send an email with your query to:

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