Creating Harmonious Curves with Hebel

Jasper Brown and Michael Bailey teamed up to design a beautiful waterside property that blends family connection and privacy, while showcasing breath-taking waterfront views.  They accomplished this through the ingenious use of Hebel to create curved elements, central in achieving both balance and practical weather protection.

These curves effortlessly transformed the clients’ vision into reality.

Welcome to the Newport Residence

The Newport Residence embodies the vision of a stunning yet comfortable home designed exclusively for a mother and son who jointly run a business while leading independent lives.

Having collaborated on many diverse projects, Jasper and Michael have nurtured a successful working relationship over the years.

“The mother cherishes her privacy, seeking comfort in a tranquil home. In contrast, the son and his partner love entertaining. Despite coming together for their business and their shared love for dogs, each individual maintains a strong sense of independence. So, our aim was to craft a communal space where the family could gather while preserving their need for privacy. This setup would enable each family member to retreat to their distinct domains which they loved. The acquisition of a spacious waterfront property certainly opened up an array of possibilities,” Jasper elaborated.

Interior shot of The Newport Residence showing waterfront view and curved walls

Curves are integrated inside and out creating beautiful transitions between every space. Image courtesy of Mindi Cooke

In bringing together their vision of connection, collaboration and privacy, Jasper and Michael effectively created an entertainer’s paradise.

The exquisite residence features a striking double-storey expanse, thoughtfully designed to capitalise on breath taking views while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the mother’s quarters.

The residence was created with a singular focal point – the courtyard.

Michael explained, “We strategically placed the courtyard at the very centre, to serve as a hub that would effortlessly unite both families for work and play.”

Exterior image of the central courtyard of The Newport Residence.

A central focal point, the courtyard offered a private sanctuary for the families to gather. Image courtesy of Mindi Cooke

The most distinctive feature was the incorporation of curves into the design, facilitating a graceful connection between various spaces, enhancing a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas.

Two angles of the entrance to The Newport Residence.

A signature element, these iconic curves create a distinct ambience for this beautiful home. Images courtesy of Cathy Schusler

Solving the architectural challenge of curves with Hebel

While curves introduced synchronicity, they also posed a construction challenge.

To realise the architectural vision for Newport Residence, it was essential to find a material that could meet design requirements, withstand harsh weather conditions, and provide effective insulation.

In consultation with the builder, the high-performance building product known as Hebel emerged as the clear choice.

Jasper elaborated, “Considering the builder’s confidence in Hebel panels ability to be faceted, and shape the desired curves, we were convinced that Hebel was ideal, from both a design and materials perspective.”

Quick-to-build, Hebel is available in a range of lengths for applications on walls, floors, and even, external cladding. With Hebel, one is guaranteed an efficient installation process and a significant value-add in the overall lifespan of each home built with it.

Even more relevant was the product’s adaptability, enabling it to create elegant curves within  transitional spaces. This not only achieved a harmonious aesthetic, but also directed the flow between one zone and another with ease.

“A distinctive design outcome was how Hebel anchored the ground floor, adding weight to the base,” Michael shared. “This allowed for the intricate design detailing of the top floor to take on a light, floating aspect, subtly paying tribute to the property’s waterfront location.”

Exterior image of the Newport Residence courtyard

The curves shaped with Hebel add a soft textural aspect to the flow of this design. Image courtesy of Mindi Cooke

Hebel checks all the boxes. It is robust yet pliant, a crucial feature considering the demanding waterfront environment that required materials capable of withstanding tough conditions while maintaining stability and strength.

Reflecting further, Michael added, “Light plays a pivotal role in invigorating these distinctive spaces, but it is the curves that genuinely cultivate a sense of softness and gentleness, enabling a delightful  play of light to unfold throughout the day.”

Ultimately, this spacious residence strikes a gentle balance, offering both community and comfort while effortlessly accommodating a retreat to private spaces.


Hebel curved elements are created by cutting Hebel PowerPanel, and faceting and shaping it to achieve the desired radius.

Images courtesy of Mindi Cooke and Cathy Schusler

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