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Sky Architecture beach house outside area

The Sky’s the limit

It’s all about strong connections – and understanding a client’s preferred aesthetic when it comes to creating a beautiful home, says award-winning architect Sky Tiong from Sky Architect Studio. Sky connected with a recent client in an unusual way – he was her architecture lecturer at university. This spectacular modern home is located in Melbourne’s […]

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CSR Redcliffe Newport House Courtyard

Build Innovation at its Best

Departing from their usual commercial project focus, Cornerstone Building Developments (QLD) undertook a unique residential property project with curve appeal. Working primarily with clients from the healthcare sector to create world-class integrated healthcare developments, Cornerstone Building Developments (Cornerstone) recently made a significant departure from their large portfolio of commercial projects. Having built a long and […]

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Creating Harmonious Curves with Hebel

Jasper Brown and Michael Bailey teamed up to design a beautiful waterside property that blends family connection and privacy, while showcasing breath-taking waterfront views.  They accomplished this through the ingenious use of Hebel to create curved elements, central in achieving both balance and practical weather protection. These curves effortlessly transformed the clients’ vision into reality. […]

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Everything you need to know about building a Hebel home

A strong, high-performance building product known for its smooth and elegant look, Hebel has become the material of choice for many Australians looking to build their dream home. Mark King, the Managing Director of leading Sydney-based building company King Homes NSW, is a big fan of using Hebel for floors, walls and facades; in fact, […]

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Best practice tips for building with Hebel

King Homes NSW builds around 120 homes in Sydney and surrounds each year. Every residential project is unique – ranging from compact single-storey dwellings to sprawling multi-generational homes – however most of them share one quality: they’re Hebel homes. The company’s founder and managing director Mark King is a big fan of Hebel, specifying Hebel […]

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The precise appeal of Hebel

With a reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading boutique builders, Thomas Archer carefully selects materials to deliver on their modern aesthetic and distinct architectural edge. Their striking designs have won multiple awards and received acclaim for their beautiful, innovative approach.

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ALAND harnesses the sustainable beauty of Hebel’s PowerPattern panels at Schofield Gardens.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ALAND has become a trusted Australian builder and developer that prioritises sustainable building practices and materials. Their Schofield Gardens project, in Sydney’s north-west, exemplifies ALAND’s dedication to creating innovative, affordable housing that has a positive impact on the community. Six stages have been completed since construction […]

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Why Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project pushes building standards to new heights with the help of CSR Hebel.

With a reputation for delivering high quality and innovative builds through an end-to-end approach, it’s the detail that sets Chasecrown apart as one of Adelaide’s leaders in multi-residential and commercial design. Originally established 30 years ago as an architectural firm, Chasecrown has evolved into a multi-disciplinary practice that sees them involved and managing every stage […]

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Rosewood Homes finished lounge room in home built with Hebel PowerFloor

Upgrade the Efficiency of Your Home With Hebel PowerFloor

With the cost of living on the rise, many builders are looking for new ways to increase the efficiency of their homes with innovative materials that offer both economical and functional benefits. The impact of these aspects resonates deeply with Adam Krajc, the Director of Rosewood Homes, who is always looking for specification options for […]

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