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With a reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading boutique builders, Thomas Archer carefully selects materials to deliver on their modern aesthetic and distinct architectural edge. Their striking designs have won multiple awards and received acclaim for their beautiful, innovative approach.

Their latest project, the Lynden Residence, is a stunning example of the precision and design-led, architectural edge Thomas Archer have become known for. Supporting their signature style is the use of Hebel’s PowerPanelXL, a decision made early on in the planning of this home which also incorporated CSR’s Gyprock and Bradford Insulation into the build. As their Principal Architect, Alex Adams describes, “Hebel’s PowerPanels provide a perfect balance of style and quality to our homes as they align with our clean, modern aesthetic while also providing a more solid base for the finishes within our homes.”

Thomas Archer has been using Hebel since their inception and was one of the first builders in Melbourne to integrate it into their home designs. As their General Manager, Craig Rooney explains, “Victoria is typically a tiled roof and brick wall home market and the appearance of brickwork can often be inconsistent due to the manual laying method, which can draw the attention of both clients and builder inspectors alike for issues such as brick spacings, mortar blow outs and misalignment in corners. The appeal for us in using Hebel in our build process, is being able to achieve the smooth, elegant, finish of a Thomas Archer home, a hallmark feature our clients specifically request when building with us.”

Craig also comments on the appeal Hebel offers in terms of installation efficiencies and value it adds to the lifecycle of each home. He estimates that a single 3.3m x 0.6m Hebel panel is equivalent to laying approximately 100 bricks and the longevity of the finish is a feature their often clients comment on. “They love that the maintenance of their Hebel finish is easy, providing a clean, fresh look for their home that endures.”

Hebel PowerPattern<sup>®</sup> A cohesive building design.

Providing sharp finishes for the interior wall lines, Hebel’s PowerPanelXL creates a perfect interior frame for this stunning home.

One of the most attractive aspects of Hebel to Thomas Archer is the sharp precision it provides to the overall look of their homes, especially to the interior. Craig comments internal corning on brickwork, particularly in the Portico/entry area of the home can be uneven. “The lines can be uneven due to the unpredictable nature of brickwork and rather than a clean, crisp corner, you can have a rougher finish which interrupts the precision we like to imbue in each home. Using Hebel eliminates this problem for us, which is why we love it.“

Hebel PowerPattern<sup>®</sup> A cohesive building design.

The smooth finish of Hebel’s PowerPanelXL removes the risk of uneven internal corning that can occur when using bricks.

The additional advantage of thermal efficiency is also extremely important to Thomas Archer’s build practices. Craig flagged the upcoming changes to energy ratings in Australia to a 7-star minimum as a big reason they will always consider Hebel for their homes. “Australia currently has a 6-star minimum, so achieving that extra star will be greatly aided by the thermal values Hebel provides, as it comes down to details such as these when we are planning the best way to make sure we meet that rating in every home.”

Hebel PowerPattern<sup>®</sup> A cohesive building design.

Precise, linear form is created with Hebel’s PowerPanelXL, enhancing the cohesiveness of the overall look and feel of the Lynden Residence.

The selection of high-quality materials is central to the build journey for every Thomas Archer home and the beautifully considered look and feel of their Lynden residence is no exception. As Craig explains, “We are always proud of the homes we deliver, and our Lynden Residence is a striking example of the precise linear architecture and distinct edge Thomas Archer is so well-known for. The careful selection of premium materials such as Hebel’s PowerPanelXL help us achieve this stunning look.”


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Photography: Caitlin Mills Photography

Hero image: The precise finish of Hebel’s PowerPanelXL complements the clean, architectural design philosophy of Thomas Archer. Featured on the exterior is rendered Hebel PowerPanelXL

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