ALAND harnesses the sustainable beauty of Hebel’s PowerPattern panels at Schofield Gardens.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ALAND has become a trusted Australian builder and developer that prioritises sustainable building practices and materials. Their Schofield Gardens project, in Sydney’s north-west, exemplifies ALAND’s dedication to creating innovative, affordable housing that has a positive impact on the community.

Six stages have been completed since construction began on their initial stages, Bottlebrush and Wattle in 2020 and the striking design continues to generate much attention. Emerging as an anchor project in Schofield Gardens, it was one of the first developments to use Hebel’s PowerPattern® range of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) panels in the area.

ALAND found the panels aligned with the premium look and feel they were looking to achieve for the building’s exterior and were encouraged by the strong structural support they provided with their reinforced steel and anti-corrosion protection.

Hebel PowerPattern<sup>®</sup> A cohesive building design.

Custom selection of Hebel PowerPattern® allows for a cohesive building design like this one featured in Bottlebrush at Schofields Gardens.

With the latest stages of Lotus and Breynia complete, the visual impact of the Hebel PowerPattern® panels has come into full effect. The modular panels with pre-routed patterns combine to create a seamless design story that connects each building. Through their close collaboration with CSR, the ALAND team have executed their vision for an elevated, contemporary look that complements its natural surrounds.

Selecting Hebel’s PowerPattern® was in part due to the custom nature of their design. Each panel was selected to complement the other panels in the collection with colour coating options creating specialty finishes. The cohesive result brings the exteriors of the six completed stages together and accentuates the community aspect of Schofield Gardens.

But it is not just the aesthetic qualities that have made Hebel’s PowerPattern® such a key factor to the success of this project. As recipients of the best Mid-Rise Residential Development (Metro) at the 2021 Urban Taskforce Awards, ALAND were recognised for introducing new construction methodologies which significantly shortened the building timeframe.

Described as ground-breaking, Schofields Gardens Nine stages will include over 1,300 apartments and was the first class 2 and 7a residential development to use Hebel’s PowerPattern® in place of render, affording additional benefits to the buildings’ structure.

Hebel’s PowerPattern panels at Schofield Gardens

Durable and long-lasting, Hebel PowerPattern® was specified in the exteriors of over 1,000 apartments in ALAND’s Schofield Gardens.

As explained by ALAND Founder and Director Andrew Hrsto, “The use of durable and long-lasting materials like these reduces the need for replacement and maintenance as well as producing excellent insulation and reducing the usage of cooling and heating systems.”

ALAND CEO George Tadrosse commented, “Hebel PowerPattern adds an extra element to our projects, and while we as developers appreciate the longevity, ease of construction and structural integrity of the Hebel panels, our customers love the sleek and modern façade. In fact, the feedback we’ve been given from the residents of Schofield Gardens is that the look and feel of the building makes them proud to call it their home, which is extremely gratifying for all our team.”

ALAND Senior Project Manager Estived Rendon added “We partnered with CSR to ensure that the development ran smoothly from the design stage to the completion of the project, we spent countless hours of R&D to ensure that the system complied with ALAND’s design and requirements to deliver the best product to the residents.”

This flowed through to additional CSR products such as Gyprock®, AFS®, Bradford® Insulation Batts and PGH Brick Systems® being incorporated in the build.

A stylish, sustainable option for many builders

Designed to complement their surrounds, Hebel PowerPattern® is a stylish, sustainable option for many builders.

From a sustainability standpoint, the use of Hebel’s PowerPattern® range aligns with ALAND’s mission to build facades that enhance the environment and landscape.

Utilising benefits from the range such as installation efficiencies, acoustic and fire rating/thermal properties and waste reduction, including Hebel’s PowerPattern® panels in their build not only supports ALAND’s considered approach, it also provides residents with a comfortable and sustainable living space they are proud to call home.

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