Why Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project pushes building standards to new heights with the help of CSR Hebel.

With a reputation for delivering high quality and innovative builds through an end-to-end approach, it’s the detail that sets Chasecrown apart as one of Adelaide’s leaders in multi-residential and commercial design. Originally established 30 years ago as an architectural firm, Chasecrown has evolved into a multi-disciplinary practice that sees them involved and managing every stage of the process, specialising in the urban renewal space.

This consideration and respect were no more evident than in their EI8HT development on the South Esplanade, Glenelg. EI8HT sits in a prime beachside location adjacent to the state heritage Seafield Tower and has quickly become a landmark building in the area. Winning numerous awards since its completion in 2020 including three UDIA SA 2021 Awards for Design Excellence, High Density Housing and the SA President’s Award as well as two national UDIA Awards for Design Excellence and High Density Development, the incredible acclaim EI8HT has received is a result of meticulous planning and innovative architecture.

Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project in Adelaide

The above-standard acoustic properties of EI8HT reflect the tranquil surrounds of its beachside location.

Driven by their philosophy of creating premium residences that elevate the comfort of their residents to a standard that enhances their everyday life, Chasecrown’s attention to the little things is a significant factor in delivering on this promise.

One of the biggest considerations for their iconic EI8HT project, was the acoustic properties of the building and ensuring the quiet comfort of the idyllic beachside location was reflected in the design of the internal structure of the building by reducing the sound transfer between each apartment, over the eleven residential levels.

As described by Chasecrown’s Associate Director, Alex Besz, “We were very interested in the comfort of the residents internally, so we spent a good deal of time researching construction techniques and products that would help us achieve a much higher standard of performance than the building code requires in terms of energy, thermal comfort and acoustics, and selected Hebel’s intertenancy and corridor wall system to help us deliver these qualities.”

Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project in Adelaide

The above-standard acoustic properties of EI8HT reflect the tranquil surrounds of its beachside location.

One of the first major constructions to use Hebel in Adelaide, Alex explains the close collaboration between Chasecrown and CSR was one of the factors that helped EI8HT reach above standard NCC results for the acoustic performance of its intertenancy walls.

“CSR helped us select the most appropriate systems and materials and then assisted us with onsite quality inspections to make sure the products were going to perform exactly as per the specifications. After the project was handed over, we flagged our interest to test the acoustic performance between finished apartments and CSR supported us – even attending the testing. We used an independent acoustic engineer and we were very happy to prove that the acoustic design targets were met, and the building performed exactly as we planned.”

Alex also describes how the Hebel intertenancy and corridor wall system also provides a high level of fire-resistance and acoustic separation performance within each apartment over the building’s lifespan.

Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project in Adelaide

A range of CSR products were used to enhance the overall quality of the building and increase construction efficiencies.

Hebel’s intertenancy and corridor wall system include Hebel PowerPanel’s which are made to measure for specific floor to ceiling in the structure. Alex adds, “they also carry the added benefit of requiring less labour and the fact they arrive onsite cut-to-size and tilted up into place means a whole floor could be installed quickly”. In addition, the use of CSR Bradford wall and ceiling insultation, including Acoustigard Partition Rolls, and CSR Gyprock plasterboard linings in the build assisted in enhancing the quality of the building overall.

Alex was also impressed with the level of service provided by CSR during construction.

“We received quality assurance inspections with a representative from CSR allocated to each level. EI8HT has eleven residential levels, so to receive that kind of attention to detail from the CSR team was highly valued and a major reason we had such as successful outcome.”

Chasecrown’s award-winning EI8HT project in Adelaide

Hebel is being considered for future projects due to its high levels of energy performance and sustainability.

With an already large portfolio of completed projects in their portfolio, the impressive ambition of Chasecrown to continually look for new ways to improve on their current and future projects is garnering immense respect and creating new standards with ambitious benchmarks for others to catch up to.

Looking to carry their successful partnership with CSR into future projects, Alex explains how this will assist Chasecrown given the industry is continuing to tighten on quality requirements for multi-residential projects, particularly in terms of energy performance and sustainability.

“Hebel is a great product to assist with meeting and exceeding these requirements and CSR provides us with the latest information and innovations on hand so we can continue to incorporate the products into our projects.”

Images courtesy of David Sievers

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