Rosewood Homes finished lounge room in home built with Hebel PowerFloor

Upgrade the Efficiency of Your Home With Hebel PowerFloor

With the cost of living on the rise, many builders are looking for new ways to increase the efficiency of their homes with innovative materials that offer both economical and functional benefits. The impact of these aspects resonates deeply with Adam Krajc, the Director of Rosewood Homes, who is always looking for specification options for his customers that will have a positive impact on their daily life.

As a boutique builder and designer of quality, customised homes. Rosewood has a reputation for quality of design, construction and workmanship. As Adam describes, they offer their clients a level of inclusions to match their client’s design priorities while working within the limitations of their budget. “We know that something as inconspicuous as the structural flooring isn’t something that typically gets much consideration, there is an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality to these areas, but in reality the performance of the structural flooring between the levels of your home is worth further consideration” which is why Rosewood offer Hebel’s PowerFloor as an upgrade option for their customers.

“Like other Hebel products, the Hebel PowerFloor panels have excellent thermal properties, helping keep the house warm in Winter and cool in Summer.”

He also calls out advantages, such as the panels being non-combustible, termite and water resistant, creating less waste than other flooring options, having better acoustic properties, and just a more solid feel than lightweight timber flooring. The significant difference in the depth of the panels is key to this solid underfoot feel, with lightweight timber flooring measuring 19mm compared to the Hebel PowerFloor’s impressive 75mm.

Adam Krajc, the Director of Rosewood Homes with Hebel PowerFloor

The thermal and acoustic qualities of Hebel PowerFloor will help improve the liveability and enjoyment of your home.

“Our customers genuinely notice the difference in Hebel PowerFloor, and I would say the most common feedback we receive is the reduction in sound transfer of footsteps and first floor noise through to the ground floor, and vice versa, which really is a worthwhile improvement to the liveability of any home.”

Adding to these qualities are the building efficiencies achieved throughout the home with Hebel PowerFloor. They are highly effective in reducing running costs during the build process compared to alternate timber flooring. As Adam recounts, “The Hebel PowerFloor panels maintain their structural properties during installation, even through extended water exposure. This benefit has never been more appreciated in my career than in 2022 when we experienced record rainfall across Sydney.”

Additionally, Adam explains how Hebel PowerFloor is easily installed over timber or steel joists, typical of a brick veneer home while also providing for consistent finished floor levels between first floor living areas or bedrooms – and the bathrooms or ensuites they connect to.

Adam mentions the solid underfoot feel of a Hebel PowerFloor “provides a great middle ground for our customers between standard particleboard flooring and suspended concrete, with an underfoot feel more reminiscent of a suspended concrete floor but without the significant increases in cost a suspended slab requires.”

Adam Krajc, the Director of Rosewood Homes, holding Hebel PowerFloor

A solid underfooting on upper levels with Hebel PowerFloor ensures there is no compromise on quality compared to suspended concrete slabs.

“The installation of Hebel PowerFloor panels has the added bonus of helping us to create a seamless transition between wet areas and the rooms they connect to, and efficiencies such as these are very cost effective during the build process”

Example of bathroom set down using Cemintel Constructafloor and Hebel PowerFloor, from above and below.

An example of a bathroom set down with Cemintel Constructafloor and Hebel PowerFloor, from above and below.

Based on his experience and customer feedback to date, Adam believes investing in a Hebel PowerFloor upgrade provides his customers with a more solid, quiet, and thermally efficient home where improved comfort and liveability are achieved. As Adam observes, “Hebel PowerFloor might be out of sight, but it comes with added peace of mind in regards to the daily enjoyment and long-term efficiency of your home. It is an innovative, cost-effective flooring upgrade that I genuinely believe improves the lives of our customers.”


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