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The Evolution of Trusted Street Appeal – Newport and CSR Hebel

Modern, smooth facades were achieved with rendered CSR Hebel walls. Breathtaking street appeal is always high on the list of priorities from families looking to build their dream home. The growing popularity and recognition of CSR Hebel amongst both the building industry and customers, has earned them a reputation as a gamechanger when it comes to smooth, rendered finishes for exteriors, to maximise street appeal.

Anthony Camilleri, one of the directors of Newport Homes, along with Paul Bevilacqua, partnered with Hebel from their inception five years ago and offers several insights as to why Hebel is the product of choice for both themselves and their clients. Newport Homes specialises in custom builds and the knock-down-rebuild market. “When we started Newport Homes, there was a shortage of bricklayers in Sydney, and we had heard the Hebel name being used more frequently in the industry.”

Anthony describes how the Newport designs suited the ‘Hebel look’, with its smooth, rendered finish and wide range of colours.

“With Hebel, we can achieve that beautiful, monolithic effect given it works as a sealed cavity, so there are no weepholes to interrupt the render, which brings immediate impact with a street appeal that is so highly sought after.”

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Hebel walls and floors help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Newport Homes was established after Anthony observed a lot of project homes offered multiple living spaces that looked great on paper but also limited the flow throughout a home. At Newport, “We believe every family is different and therefore every home should be different, so we start each design from scratch and collaborate with our customers to create a home uniquely designed around their needs.”

Unique street appeal is a very important aspect of their builds and one of the most carefully considered decisions their customers make when planning their build. According to Anthony, a clean, striking look is often chosen which compliments the way Newport frame open living spaces with high ceilings. He finds the look of Hebel perfectly executes their design philosophy of ‘less is more’, with sharp, modern lines and an uncluttered aesthetic.

Anthony cites Hebel’s well-documented technical reputation as a main factor in why they have become so trusted and popular in the market.

“They are one of those products that have an immediate brand recognition, one of the first questions we often receive is, ‘Do you use Hebel?’. They want that look and know it provides a long-lasting façade that won’t crack or peel, which is a big drawcard for customers wanting to build their forever home.”

The thermal efficiency of Hebel also resonates with Newport’s customers as it allows for a heating and cooling airflow. As Anthony describes.

“These economic benefits are really significant for families, especially compared to what they would be paying for more traditional forms of heating/cooling installation.”

Hebel walls and floors keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

The fact that CSR is a local business was a significant factor for Anthony in deciding to use Hebel for Newport’s homes. “The amount of support you receive is huge and pivotal in relaying updates in real time to our clients. Customer support is always available, and having their staff in Australia greatly assists us in finding answers in a timely manner. Plus, their staff are extremely helpful and have always been there for us since we started working with them, it’s a huge factor for us in continuing to use and recommend their products.”

Combine straight lines and curves, smooth and timber textures for a unique and modern look.

The positive brand association with Hebel from customers has generated interest in the huge range of innovative products CSR offers. Products such as Hebel PowerFloor are popular as an alternative to more expensive sound-proofing options such as concrete slabs and Anthony reflects on being able to offer CSR products with confidence. “When you have name recognition like CSR has, customers innately trust the products on offer. They have been tested and proven time and time again to deliver and endure. Products such as Gyprock Superchek and Gyprock Party Wall System are really popular, and we also find Cemintel products make beautiful feature walls.”

Anthony best summarises the evolution of Hebel in the building landscape, “CSR Hebel have really set new standards in street appeal when it comes to rendered finishes and I don’t see a decrease in demand for this trusted, timeless look anytime soon.”


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