‘How to’ guide to get you up to speed with the System Specification finder


What is the System Specification Finder (SSF)

Finding the right specifications for your project is now faster and easier than ever.

The new System Specification Finder is an easy way to obtain Hebel and AFS specifications to suit the design and performance needs of walls, floors and other residential and commercial applications. It also provides clear evidence of system suitability pathways to compliance.

This easy tool offers:

  • High-level system summaries that are quick and easy to find for all market segments
  • System drawings and details in PDF and downloadable format
  • Links to Design and Installation Guides
  • Compliance information, referenced tests and assessment reports
  • Quantity calculators

Get started

The SSF offers multiple fields to choose from, with its keyword search function, there’s no need for complicated drill down menus. Choose a single field for a quick and easy search, or multiple fields for a more refined result, the choice is yours. To help you get started we’ve developed a simple guide on how to use the SSF.


1. Keyword & Selection search

Either type your keyword and/or make a selection from any of the following fields:

  • Product
  • Region
  • Segment
  • Application


2. Criteria Results

  • SSF produces a set of results with a list of systems that match the criteria.
  • You can sort your search results by clicking on the relevant column header.

3. Summary sheets

  • Click on the ‘Summary Sheet’ link for the relevant system as highlighted.

  • A summary sheet with all the details and documentation for that system should open in a new page.
    It’s that simple.
  • You can always return to the original search page, to search for other systems.

Now that you are familiar with the tool, why not give it a try and find the right system for your existing project or upcoming project.

If you are having difficulties using the tool please feel free to contact our friendly Hebel engineering team at marketing@csrhebel.com.au.

Click here to get started.




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