Why Plus Architecture chooses Hebel wall panels

In Rainer Strunz’s view, Hebel and quality go together naturally.

“We’ve used Hebel for a number of years to ensure quality in projects,” said Rainer, a Director of the award-winning Plus Architecture practice which has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Christchurch (NZ).

It was this line of thinking that resulted in Plus Architecture’s decision to recommend the use of Hebel internal wall systems in the landmark Central South Yarra residential development, in Melbourne’s Yarra Street.

Situated in South Yarra’s Forrest Hill precinct, less than four kilometres from the city’s CBD, Central South Yarra is a development by Little Projects comprising 31 storeys with a total of 357 apartments. Construction of the Central South Yarra development was carried out by Hickory, with Plus Architecture responsible for interior design throughout the complex.

Central South Yarra – Apartment Balcony overlooking the Melbourne CBD

Superior quality value

“We recommended the use of Hebel for the intertenancy walls of selected apartments for its superior quality value,” said Rainer. “Hebel is an outstanding product and we felt it was therefore suited to the excellence of the overall project.”

Rainer, who was Plus Architecture’s project director for Central South Yarra, said one of the quality values of Hebel wall panels is that they are more secure and solid than an all plasterboard system. Despite this solidity, the panels also had the advantage of being lightweight and easy for the installers to handle.

“Because of this they help to speed up the work which is important in ensuring the project is completed on time,” he added.

Rainer also pointed out that the Hebel internal wall panels have the benefit of being environmentally friendly. In this regard, they account for less embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions than products such as concrete or brick veneer, and their thermal efficiency help to reduce reliance on heating and cooling appliances within apartments in which they are installed.

Plus Architecture’s project architect for Central South Yarra, Stuart Telha, was also a keen proponent for the use of Hebel wall systems.

“In addition to the others benefits of the Hebel panels, we knew we could achieve the required fire rating as well with them,” he said.

Central South Yarra – Apartment Living Space

Hebel noted for high fire resistance

This was in reference to the well-known high fire resistance of the Hebel panels, the result of their non-combustible nature. The Hebel wall panel provides the fire rated element which means only one sealant is required at the head, with no need for plasterboard to continue from the slab to the soffit. In addition to providing the fire rating, therefore, this simplifies the installation process with one joint to set instead of two, and no third plasterboard section to cut and install. There is also no need for time-consuming caulking on both sides for fire rating. The time saving also results in costs saving on a project, which is seen as another major benefit of working with Hebel wall panels.

Rainer agrees that Hebel internal wall systems have advantages that add value to a project. “I genuinely believe it is a good quality product. We will continue to use it in projects such as the Central South Yarra and we will continue to recommend it to our clients.”

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