Ausmar Assist makes a difference with Hebel

Ausmar Assist, a business unit of Ausmar Group, provides living solutions for any age and ability.

Ausmar Assist’s Homes4Life project is specially designed to suit the specific needs of people with disabilities. They recently began building their first Homes4Life demonstration home, located in Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast.

The fully adaptable demonstration home is the first of many designs in the Homes4Life range. It features 4 bedrooms, a separate carer’s area, electric opening doors, fully wheelchair accessible bathrooms and many more specifically tailored features.

Tony Bryan, Director of Ausmar Group, thinks the project is extremely important to the community as well as to individuals with special needs and their families.  

By building affordable and accessible homes, the Homes4Life project seeks to challenge misconceptions about disabled housing.

“There’s always been a myth in the industry that disabled housing is extremely expensive, we’ve put together a house to prove that it’s not,” Tony said.

Just like 90% of the homes constructed by the group, the demonstration home features Hebel – specifically in the boundary wall and front facade.

Hebel is not only quick and easy to install, it also prevents delays and additional costs to the building project.  

“Hebel is a quick and efficient building material to build with, it enables us to do in one day what could take a week with bricks and mortar,” Tony added.  

Having worked with Hebel for 8 years, Tony felt that the benefits of Hebel offered another level to the appeal of the homes.

”We get a great rendered finish from Hebel, which is important because regardless of how well the house performs, it won’t sell unless it looks good,” he said.  

Overall, Hebel has contributed to achieving Ausmar Assist’s goal of creating comfortable and accessible living conditions for those with special needs.

“To live in a wheelchair is hard enough in the real world, to live at home should be easy. Everyone should be able to be comfortable at home,” Tony said.

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