Award-winning home without the added costs

This architecturally designed home nestled in the quiet streets of Monterey radiates a contemporary and casual feel.

Homeowners Peter and Anastasia Zembis achieved their desired result of creating a living space that was not only practical and refined, but also constructed using cost-effective and sustainable materials.

Building in close proximity to an airport as well as the beach meant the couple needed to find a masonry product that would suit their locality. They decided to use Hebel throughout the construction of their walls and floors and marvel at the achieved result. Hebel’s high acoustic absorption has a calming effect on the house and means external noise goes unnoticed. “The noise is minimal” Anastasia says, “we don’t hear traffic on the main road, we don’t hear airplanes flying over us.”

Hebel’s insulation efficiency is another feature of the residence as it keeps out the crisp sea breeze and maintains the home at an optimum temperature. “I feel the cold… immensely” Anastasia says, “I don’t have to use heating, air conditioning, it’s great, I thoroughly enjoy it.” The home boasts a Household Energy Efficiency rating of 6.5 stars and the family saves money on heating and cooling bills.

The Hebel insulated wall and floors still give Anastasia and Peter the desired look aesthetically they set out to achieve. The home boasts a contemporary design that lead to it being awarded the MBA excellence in housing award 2012. Inspired by the beach bathing cubicles popular in the 1900’s, the flat roof pitch gives the property a captivating point-of-difference that is unrivalled in the neighbourhood.

Hebel’s acoustic and thermal performance has given the family the desired comfort levels they set out for when building their home. Peter gives a ringing endorsement to anyone who is considering using Hebel products for residential construction. “I think Hebel walls are fantastic… I think Hebel floors are the best product on the market.”

Watch Peter and Anastasia talk more about their home:

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