Chris La Franchi on advancements in the construction industry

Chris La Franchi, Director of Indigo Homes, has been involved in the construction industry for over thirty-five years and has witnessed quite a lot of change in that time.

“Nail guns were the latest and greatest craze when I started, so I’ve definitely seen a thing or two. But I’ve really noticed how the industry has evolved and become a lot more efficient over the years,” he explained.

“With products like Hebel, we’re able to create a lot less waste onsite and we’re building in a much more efficient way. The regulatory environment for housing construction is a lot more efficient than it used to be as well. When people say that they don’t build houses like they used to anymore – I think that’s great because they build them much better now,” he explained.

According to Chris, those in the construction industry aim to build more sustainably now, but the typically costly nature of environmentally friendly products can be an issue.

A Hebel house built by Indigo Homes

“We’re looking for products that offer benefits in regards to sustainability, but are also cost-competitive – and that describes Hebel,” he said.

“The information about the ecological impact of Hebel on their website was a big consideration for us. The fact that Hebel is environmentally friendly actually helps boost sales as well because people are aware of the importance of sustainability. I think if people feel like they can do something to help the environment, and it’s not going to cost them too much, they’re generally happy to do that,” he added.

Chris is also glad that working with sustainable materials doesn’t have to compromise on the look or feel of the houses Indigo Homes builds.

“When we use Hebel, clients often comment on the quality and consistency of the finish, which is one of the reasons I started using Hebel in the first place. People have also been very positive about the speed of installation,” he said.

But Chris thinks there are still more exciting developments to come in the near-future.

“The idea of where the industry is going to be in five years time is interesting, there’s so many new products coming to market that could change the way construction works,” he said.  

“I think there’s going to be a tipping point in the next eighteen months and there’s going to be a huge uptake in Hebel panels – especially in the Queensland market,” he added.


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