Hebel complements core values of Mark Lawler Architects

As an architectural firm, Mark Lawler Architects pride themselves on their ability to combine creative problem-solving skills with technical knowledge and a deep understanding of human aspirations.

You could argue that this philosophy might account for their success as a firm, which has been the recipient of a number of awards. However, when you take a closer look at founder Mark Lawler’s industry experience, you will see the core values of his business can be attributed to his learnings during a three decade-long tenure as a practicing architect.

A lesson learned is a lesson earned

Mark learned a valuable lesson early on in his career – that there is often more than one solution to every problem, and that the right solution, if you really think it through, will come over time.

He’s had to put this into practice time after time, evidenced by his extremely varied portfolio – he’s designed everything from larger scale commercial, housing and office developments to private homes and renovations.

Mark Lawler’s use of Hebel for commercial and residential builds

But it’s also Mark’s technical knowledge that has helped him create quality designs that are both visually appealing and cost effective. And one of the products that has helped him achieve this is Hebel.

Mark and his company has predominantly worked with exterior Hebel panels for custom home designs, but they have also used it on mixed commercial/ residential building (i.e. apartments with commercial on the ground floor), as well use of the Hebel party wall system for some development builds.

Hebel delivers more for lower cost

Although Mark was familiar with Hebel as far back as the early 1990s, it wasn’t until the release of Hebel panels that he started using it extensively.

“The Hebel panel immediately impressed me because it was a big step up in terms of construction technology. It is a strong pre-cast concentrate that comes in small panels, has less components and is lightweight, so you don’t need to use cranes. It also is better than traditional masonry because it fixes to a stud framing and has very little movement. This increase in stability results in less cracking.”

As well as the aesthetic benefits of Hebel – which has previously been discussed in detail here – Mark is also a fan of the cost effectiveness of Hebel.

“It’s pretty hard to find a downside to using Hebel, especially in single storey custom builds. All you need is two or three guys to quickly enclose a home. This speed of construction combined with less call-backs and scaffolding has a fantastic knock-on effect in terms of cost. When you are building for a client, you’re always looking for ways to minimalise costs and Hebel provides that.”

Mark has experienced tremendous success using Hebel and will continue to build with it as he believes it caters to the industry’s need to meet costing and labour demands with pre-fabricated products that can be easily erected on site. We look forward to seeing the fruition of his creative problem-solving and technical skills well into the future.

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