Why is Hebel one of the first materials Bridget Puszka recommends to her clients?

Bridget Puszka from BP Architects has been using Hebel for a long time, understanding how great the product is for building homes that are energy efficient.

Being a firm that specialises in sustainable architecture, Hebel is one of the first products Bridget discusses with her clients, as it’s an ideal fit for her designs.

“One of the reasons I built with Hebel is for its energy efficiency properties. Hebel PowerPanelXL is a great insulator. If it’s hot outside, it’ll mean the house stays cooler inside longer and if it’s cool outside then you can keep the heat in.”

However, trying to convert people unfamiliar with Hebel is sometimes a struggle for Bridget given clients are often set on using traditional materials such as a brick. Aside from being able to list off benefits, such as noise reduction, strength and weight, Bridget finds one of the easiest ways to bring Hebel into the conversation is showing an example of her work.

This Hebel home by BP Architects has a contemporary double storey extension to an existing heritage cottage over 110 years old.  It combines the functions of a mixed-use building providing workspace, health and wellness facilities and accommodation.

“I’ve used Hebel for a number of BP Architects projects, so I have the opportunity to send clients out to have a look at them so they can see the finished product for themselves.”

Besides sustainability, Bridget believes that Hebel products have advantages from a design perspective – in particular, its light weight compared to traditional masonry.

“Because Hebel is light, it means that structural sizes don’t need to be as big to support the weight. That’s great if you’re designing a house or a first-floor addition. It means that you don’t need as many structural beams, which add to the cost of construction. Hebel also provides an aesthetic that’s contemporary and modern.”

Hebel has been a stable material of BP architects for many years and will continue to so.

“I will keep recommending Hebel as a product, because of its great qualities.”

We look forward to seeing the Hebel homes Bridget designs in the future and admire her vision to create homes that allow her clients to live a premium, sustainable lifestyle. You can learn more about BP Architects here.

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