Hebel a perfect fit for Metricon’s design philosophy

Metricon is one of Australia’s leading home builder, named Australia’s largest residential builder by the Housing Industry Association in 2017, 2016 , 2015, 2012 and 2011. We caught up with Design Manager, Ricky D’Alesio, to discuss Metricon’s relationship with Hebel.

“The focus on building homes that cater to people’s lifestyles has never been stronger.” That’s the view of Metricon’s Design Manager, Ricky D’Alesio, who sees the growing demand for liveable homes as one of the biggest developments he has witnessed during 23 years in the building industry.

It’s a trend that is in tune with the design philosophy Metricon has followed since its beginnings in 1976 and is also one of the reasons the company openly endorses Hebel for many of its homes.

“Hebel is a great product,” said Ricky, who joined Metricon seven years ago. “One of the reasons we love it is because of its rendered characteristics. Unlike bricks there is no limit to the colours available to a rendered home.  With Hebel there is also more architectural scope, because you can play with shapes and profiles.”

Ricky’s role with Metricon has seen him involved in various aspects of design, from sourcing new products to working on floor plans and façade designs.

“We don’t release a product to market until it’s fit for purpose,” he said. “We have a huge critique process where we evaluate the entire design process to ensure the best possible outcomes.” 

The significant change, particularly in the past few years, in the type of home wanted by customers has naturally led to a demand for different materials, such as those provided by Hebel.

Hebel’s market acceptance

Despite some initial hesitation by people who were unfamiliar with the product, Ricky has seen confidence in Hebel rise over the past few years.

This is in response not only to the many advantages of Hebel but also to the Metricon sales process.  The Metricon sales consultants have the knowledge to explain the long and short-term benefits of Hebel as a cladding system and its benefits over some traditional materials.

What’s in store for Metricon?

Ricky said Metricon would continue to focus strongly on Hebel as a flexible product that complements modern design, promoting it actively with clients and using it in all Metricon display homes.

He is also excited by the innovative Hebel products that are in the pipeline and how they will work with Metricon’s range.

“The new Hebel products are amazing. They are really innovative systems that will further increase design possibilities,” he said.

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