Hebel’s new PowerPattern facade system enhances high-rise design options.

Hebel has always maintained a strong commitment to meeting the needs of its customers in every way. And with the growing demand for innovative facades, we are delighted to announce a design solution that will help bring to life the creative vision of architects, builders and designers.

Our new PowerPattern façade system offers an exciting range of options. Featuring collections of patterns pre-routed onto panels, in styles that reflect contemporary trends, the modular system combines design versatility with the high performance for which Hebel is justly renowned.

Designs suit all tastes and purposes

The four outstanding collections in the Hebel PowerPattern façade system make it easy to achieve the distinctive appearance you want. These modular designs offer styles that cater for all tastes and suit all purposes, from classical elegance to modern industrial.


Hebel PowerPattern Prism Collection  

The collections include:


  • Lineal – deep vertical lines providing a beautiful, precise façade
  • Geometric – patterns, shapes and colours creating a striking effect
  • Prism – triangular shapes producing a sophisticated frontage
  • Organic – routed waves emulating the natural environment.

Combined with one of the many coating systems available, the Hebel PowerPattern collection you choose will ensure that your building has the look that is just right for it.


Hebel PowerPattern Geometric Collection

Coating systems add to variety


The range of compatible coating systems available for the PowerPattern panels enhances their design versatility. These coating systems, which offer a variety of textures, colours and finishes, can be painted, sprayed or rolled on, or can be applied using render. Just some of the looks that can be achieved include metallic, polished concrete, sandstone and smooth painted surfaces.

With this finishing touch, form and function harmonise so that the coating system you choose reflects the purpose of your building. For example, a polished concrete finish can result in a modern industrial façade, while a sandstone finish can achieve an elegant, classical appearance.

Hebel PowerPattern Organic Collection 

PowerPattern retains fire-rating compliance


Along with its visual appeal and design versatility, the Hebel PowerPattern range is also a high achiever when it comes to safety and performance. Renowned for its non-combustible building material, Hebel has ensured that the PowerPattern collections retain the fire-rating compliance for which its other products are already so well known. With Hebel PowerPattern, designers, builders and occupants can all be confident that the building’s façade is made of quality, fire-resistant material.


Features include speed and strength


Hebel systems are noted throughout the building industry for the speed with which they can be installed, and the new PowerPattern façade system also ticks the boxes in this regard. The custom made, modular panels are easy to install, ensuring fast construction and on-site efficiency.

Along with speed of construction, Hebel PowerPattern panels retain the high quality, strength and security that characterise all Hebel systems. They also result in less on-site mess and wastage, further demonstrating that Hebel PowerPattern will provide high performance as well as the right look for your next high- rise facade system.


to view our complete range of Hebel PowerPattern façade collection click below.


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