Why these Builders choose to build with Hebel

Hebel is fast becoming the building material of choice offering homeowners and builders flexibility in design and a superior quality build.

Builders love the versatility and easy, low-cost installation of Hebel throughout the home, not to mention the lasting thermal and acoustic properties that make any home feel welcoming. And for many builders within HomeWorld Box Hill, Hebel has specifically achieved this, transforming their designs into homes that feel unique, giving customers a warm and inviting experience.

Here’s how Hebel has partnered with five builders to bring their design vision and functional benefits to life, helping them present a home that showcases the best they have to offer.

@Newport Homes

“We use Hebel in most of our builds” – Anthony Camilleri, Director of Newport Homes.

As a custom home builder, Newport Homes uses Hebel as the base to create exciting facades that are very difficult to achieve with other building materials. As Hebel doesn’t have weep holes like some other building products, it is used as the canvas to apply detailed renders which feature sharp external lines and co-ordinate perfectly with other materials, allowing Newport to deliver a totally unique home for each client.
Along with being applied to external walls, Hebel PowerFloor is also used within the intermediate floor to help reduce noise transmission and perform well thermally, meaning less reliance on heating and cooling. As a base product for most of their builds, Hebel affords Newport Homes the opportunity to maintain the distinctive architectural edge whilst providing their customers with ongoing cost efficiencies.


@Provincial Homes

“Quality is our first and foremost principle when building. That’s why we use Hebel” – Mat Sigafredo, Provincial Homes.

When it comes to building, quality is the first and foremost principle for Provincial Homes. Evident through every detail, Provincial Homes only use high quality materials to help achieve the design details and construction requirements, specifying Hebel almost exclusively. Hebel is utilised for external intertenancy walls within Duplexes, with Hebel PowerFloor encouraged for the first floor to double storey homes to reduce sound transference between levels. However the beauty of each of the designs resides in the liveablity and comfort integrated throughout the flow of the home, to which Hebel significantly contributes.


@MOJO Homes 

“Using Hebel helps us deliver contemporary designs at an affordable price-point” – Paul Hogan, General Manager Sales, Mojo Homes.

For Mojo Homes, building with Hebel as opposed to other products helps with faster construction times without sacrificing on quality. More importantly, it delivers a consistency in the level of finish that is able to able to be achieved.

Known for their contemporary edge and architectural detailing, Hebel allows Mojo to continue to push design boundaries providing their customers with a contemporary design edge that is aspirational, yet achievable at an affordable price point. Combined with Hebel’s ability to perform well thermally and reduce noise transmission, Hebel is specified as the quality standard for Mojo Homes.


@Metricon Homes

““I love Hebel for its design versatility and thermal and acoustic properties” – Travis Job, Metricon

Innovative and stylish designs are aspects that Metricon take great pride in with Hebel often used due to its design versatility. By combining with various materials, Metricon are able to deliver on any style to deliver a sleek and stylish finish. And whilst Hebel’s flexibility in design and cost efficiencies in build is highly desired, one of the most comforting aspects are the ones that provide an ongoing sense of warmth and ownership. The use of Hebel for external walls reduces noise from outside sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet within the home. Hebel panels also perform well thermally, helping keep the home cool from the heat in summer and warm and cosy in winter. These features enable Metricon to provide their customers with an unparalleled advantage integrating design aesthetics with and long-term functional benefits – creating homes that offer an enduring sense of comfort and warmth.


@Hall&Hart Homes

“Our customers love the comfort and liveability of Hebel” – Sean Thornton, Hall & Hart.

While design integrity is an important aspect for every home Hall & Hart build, they also believe each home
should feel unique to each and every family, acting as their inner sanctum – and that’s why they use Hebel.

One of the big benefits of Hebel for Hall & Hart is Hebel’s ability to reduce noise transmission and give a home its warm, welcoming feel. Compared to polystyrene and many fibre cement substrates, the use of Hebel for external walls reduces noise from external sources like traffic, and when used for upper floors, can reduce sound transference between levels.

Blocking out external noise makes customers feel like they can leave all the stresses of the outside world behind as soon as they walk in the door. In such a competitive industry, builders and homeowners are looking for that something special that makes their home uniquely and proudly their own.



Hebel offers amazing versatility, cost-effectiveness and quality in virtually all aspects of a build allowing
builders to:

  • create custom facades for a captivating street presence,
  • add warmth and texture to bolder, more architectural designs by coordinating with natural timbers or
    composite materials,
  • deliver the look, feel and superior acoustic qualities of a solid concrete floor with Hebel PowerFloor
    at a more affordable price point,
  • easily install which lets you manage the build process more efficiently,
  • experiment with different facades, finishes and construction to offer homeowners contemporary
    designer looks and style on a budget, and;
  • deliver smooth, clean finish allows you to apply more detailed renders.

Proudly backed by CSR, Hebel is a better way to build with an Australian Made material designed to meet
Australian standards. And as an environmentally friendly material that results in less mess and waste on site, it also helps builders support their sustainability credentials and build efficiency.
Find out more about all the benefits in design and construction that Hebel offers, and why more builders are choosing to build with Hebel.


Metricon Homes – The Waterford (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Hall & Hart Homes – The Ascot (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

MOJO Homes – Eclipse (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Provincial Homes – The Sandringham Duplex (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Newport Homes – Catalina (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

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