Homes with Hebel at heart

One of the most loved benefits of Hebel within the design and build of your home is the way it makes you feel the moment you walk in the door. Designed to deliver that special something, the difference Hebel makes can be seen from the streetscape and experienced throughout every room of your home.

Offering versatility in design, helping to create different looks and finishes, Hebel provides you with a beautiful way to live, and benefits that will last the test of time.


Welcome to the quiet life

We all love the sounds of a home filled with laughter and love. Entertaining friends, movie nights with the family and kids running through the halls are just some of the daily activities that transform your space into one that expresses who you all are. But with life just getting busier and busier, it’s also important to be able to relax in your own space and escape from the outside world. Thanks to Hebel’s superior acoustic reduction properties, this is a luxury we can all experience within our homes.

In particular, if you’re building a two-storey home and want to enjoy the peace and quiet of your beautiful surrounds, the Hebel PowerFloor is an absolute must. Its amazing acoustic qualities stops noise from travelling meaning you can enjoy absolute peace and quiet downstairs, even while the kids are jumping around and enjoying themselves upstairs.


There’s no place like your home

We all have a different idea of what our dream home looks like. But at the heart of it, we all want a home that aligns with who we are and reflect our individuality, personality and unique taste.

When you build with Hebel, you’re opening your design options to a whole new world of possibilities. Create a visual architectural edge by experimenting with different facades, add warmth and texture by mixing and matching Hebel panels with natural timbers or composite materials; and elevate your street presence with coloured renders. Let your imagination build a home that’s completely your own.


Comfort and liveability that lasts a lifetime

Beautiful, solid and so comfortable to live in, a Hebel home is built to stand the test of time and completely redefines the idea of a forever home. Underpinning the warmth, light and sense of timeless beauty a Hebel home offers is a pure heart of steel. Hebel’s strength, durability and anti-corrosion properties are designed to keep your home looking and feeling as beautifully breathtaking in the future as it does now.


Wrap yourself in warmth

The added thermal qualities within Hebel, help reduce ongoing costs on heating and cooling. And envelope you in an ambient temperature all year round, creating a sense of comfort and a warm welcoming feel. As an eco-friendly material, Hebel also has energy efficiency at its heart enhancing your sanctuary.

If you’d like to experience everything Hebel has to offer, visit one of the below displays at HomeWorld Box Hill and discover for yourself why Hebel helps a house, feel like home.


Metricon Homes – The Waterford (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Hall & Hart Homes – The Ascot (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

MOJO Homes – Eclipse (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Provincial Homes – The Sandringham Duplex (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Newport Homes – Catalina (On display at Box Hill, NSW, Homeworld)

Hebel. A better way to build, and a beautiful way to live. That’s the heart of a Hebel home

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