Innovation in renovation – The Pod System

One of the most important considerations of a new renovation is the type of structural system – the external walls, internal walls and floors.
These are the ‘bones’ of your home. At the heart of The Pod System is a quality masonry system that uses Hebel steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated (AAC) panels, an exceptional solid masonry building material with high performance standards including superior thermal, acoustic and fire resistant qualities.

Hebel AAC has established an increasing presence in residential construction, thanks to its remarkable strength, versatility and resilience. Hebel’s superior thermal qualities help reduce the cost of heating and cooling and the solid masonry walls provide excellent acoustic insulation. Hand-in-hand with the Hebel panel is the building efficiency and robustness of the structural systems which are BCA compliant. The result is a renovation made from a superior product.

A house beautifully renovated with The Pod System

With the aim to design beautiful, light filled spaces that would perfectly complement the existing home The Pod System combines high-end finishes, spacious rooms, high ceilings and walls of glass that bring the outside in. Each pod can be individually personalised to suit your home and style. There is a choice of multiple floor plans, internal finishes and external colours and cladding to create the perfect home.

The Pod System can also maintain the integrity of your home and suburb and is a great alternative for older, more established suburbs, where council has restricted knock downs and rebuilds, or limited additions to the first floor only.

“The Pod System is a great solution for those renovating. It offers you an architecturally designed, no stress, time efficient, budget certain renovation, with minimal impact to your daily life,” says leading architect and pod system creator, Kim Crestani.

The Pod System can be built much faster than a conventional renovation, and the homeowner is able to live at home whilst the pod is being built if services don’t need to be cut off or the existing bathroom or kitchen demolished. This saves stress, time and money, while adding value and space to the existing home. The Pod System is the perfect way to complete your home.

Watch Kim Crestani talk about using The Pod System by Hebel to renovate your home:

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