Mark Lawler shares his experience in creating stunning designs with Hebel

We caught up with Mark Lawler of Mark Lawler Architects, based in Newcastle, to discuss some of the reasons he uses Hebel for residential projects.  

Mark Lawler has a wealth of experience when it comes to architecture. He has designed a wide range of buildings during his time in the profession – schools, child care centres and churches just to name a few.

But if you were to ask him if he had a soft spot for any particular type of project, he might just say a custom-built home.

“Custom homes are rewarding, because you often develop a great relationship with the client over the span of the project. You also see the fruit of your labour much sooner. It may only be a couple of years between the first discussion with the client and the completed house.”

Hebel a big winner for custom designs

One of the building materials that feature heavily in Mark’s custom designs is Hebel. He was first introduced to the product in 1992, however it wasn’t until the release of the Hebel steel reinforced AAC panel eight years later, that he started using it on a more regular basis. As soon as he saw the new product, he was immediately impressed.

“Hebel has all the benefits of traditional masonry, except it’s lighter and faster to build with and has excellent insulation properties. My clients are also surprised about how it retains the look of a new home for years to come.”

(Courtyard – Bambury design)

The biggest benefit of Hebel? Energy efficiency!

While Mark believes there are many reasons to build with Hebel, he says the biggest benefit to his clients is its thermal efficiency. Hebel panels keep a home more comfortable throughout the year, making homeowners less reliant on air conditioning, which reduces their energy usage.

This efficiency also assists in attaining a BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) certificate, which is an initiative of the NSW government to make all new residential projects energy and water efficient. However, Mark isn’t satisfied with just meeting the BASIX targets when building a new home – he wants to exceed them.

“It’s one thing to be compliant with the minimum requirements, but there’s no reason to settle for just that. If you get a product that performs better and is more efficient, then why not use it? With Hebel, you can get those benefits for no or very little extra cost.”

Mark Lawler has three decades of experience in the building industry. In that time, he has honed his craft and developed a methodical approach that has seen him succeed. The fact that he so readily endorses Hebel for his custom builds is a great testimonial of the product. Not only is he able to create stunning designs with Hebel, but it’s insulation properties help his clients save on their energy costs.

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