McCarthy Homes builds a reputation for quality with Hebel

A long-established building company that has cemented a solid reputation from designing and constructing homes of the highest standard, McCarthy Homes is one of Queensland’s most flexible and respected builders.

According to Operations Manager Nick O’Sullivan, maintaining this reputation relies on working with high quality products – like Hebel.

“I think there’s a superior quality when it comes to Hebel render,” Nick explained.

“And I think Hebel is starting to get really recognised in the industry. I was a bit of a skeptic about it originally, I don’t mind putting my hand up and saying I was wrong. Offering Hebel has really taken off for us,” he said.

Nick O’Sullivan, Operations Manager at McCarthy Homes.

Nick believes so strongly in the quality of Hebel that he recommends it to his friends as well as clients.

“I built a home for some friends a few weeks ago and really pushed the fact that it’s a very great product. And I think the fact that it’s aerated concrete gives people peace of mind about the strength of it,” Nick said.  

But high quality can’t be achieved without sustainable building and  a safe work environment.

“Environmental considerations are important to us. Hebel reduces costs also when it comes to excess rubbish and the job also flows a lot better from a construction point of view when you work with Hebel,” Nick explained.

“The thing that comes to mind when I think of Hebel is, you’ve got super insulation qualities compared to brick veneer and faster construction times. And also, it’s the environmental choice. Compared to concrete and brick, Hebel stands above those,” he said.

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