Regent Homes teams up with Hebel on new display home project

A stunning new display home in Adelaide is set to showcase the many benefits that Hebel brings to homeowners.

The home, which is the latest display project of South Australian building company Regent Homes, is under construction in the inner northeast suburb of Lightsview, with completion expected in February 2019.

Like a growing number of other Regent Homes projects, the company has chosen Hebel PowerPanelXL external wall system for all external walls of the new home. It also features the Hebel PowerFloor system on the first floor level.

“Hebel have been extremely supportive of our direction with this show home,” said Workflow Manager for Regent Homes, Brad Sugars. “We’re very excited to see the project coming to life and showing off the benefits of Hebel.”


Built & Designed by Regent Homes.

Family business provides end-to-end service

Brad’s father, Michael Sugars, a carpenter by trade, started Regent Homes in 1991. Michael is now the Managing Director of the company with his other son, Aaron, in charge of sales estimation and marketing.

Regent Homes offers a complete end-to-end service, including design, approval and construction of custom designed homes, personalised for clients’ needs. While the company’s main focus is on metropolitan Adelaide, its work also extends south to the McLaren Vale-Aldinga region, north to Gawler and out through the Adelaide Hills.

The company has been building with Hebel for more than 15 years.


Built & Designed by Regent Homes.

Strength, speed and a clean finish

Brad said there were several reasons Regent Homes liked to use Hebel wall and floor systems.

“Being autoclaved, aerated concrete, it’s a strong product,” he said. “It’s also an eco-friendly product, with great acoustic properties and fire resistance. Its thermal and energy-efficiency advantages are big winners.”

The speed with which Hebel systems can be installed has proved another asset to the company.

“The speed and ease of installation increases efficiency on site,” said Brad.

“And, when used externally, it provides a home with a clean, texture coated finish.”

The Regent Homes team has found that the Hebel PowerFloor system also ticks all the boxes for strength, solidity and speed of installation. In addition to these advantages, its first-class acoustic properties provide a special bonus in a house such as the display home currently under construction at Lightsview, where the spacious upper floor area is designed as an activity area for children and teenagers.

The installation of the Hebel PowerFloor will result in a significant reduction in noise transfer to the downstairs, where the living areas are located.

“In addition to this benefit for homeowners, we see the PowerFloor as a great advantage for a display home, with the solid feel under foot when potential customers are walking around upstairs,” said Brad.


Built & Designed by Regent Homes.

Hebel also makes it easier for builders

From the construction point of view, Regent Homes has also found that Hebel has special benefits.

“We are partnered with Carruthers Complete Cladding, who are one of Hebel’s master installers,” said Brad.

“They organise for the material to be delivered at the right time and then the external wall cladding goes up in a matter of days, so again it provides us with a lot of efficiencies on site. Using Hebel for the external walls also enables us to save on scaffolding costs.”

In the past few years, Regent Homes staff have noticed an increase in the number of clients who are aware of Hebel and its benefits, and who request it for their homes.

“We certainly inform clients about Hebel, but we’re finding more frequently now that a lot of them are already aware of it by the time they come to us,” said Brad.

“With access to websites and social media, they are being educated as to its advantages.

We’re very happy with our partnership with Hebel. It’s a product that we’re really proud to use and will continue to use.”

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