Stylemaster achieves construction goals with Hebel

Stylemaster Homes, Queensland’s most awarded Home Builder from 2009 through to 2016, delivers a range of high quality, well priced single and double storey homes to South East Queensland.

General Manager Sharon Piconi, believes Hebel allows them to achieve more than possible with standard bricks and mortar.

“Our artisan range is a really beautiful architectural two-storey range that required attention to detail and timely construction outcomes, but we were also looking for products that give us the opportunity to create new and innovative facades and elevations,” she explains.

Stylemaster started working with Hebel three years ago, investigating the product as its capabilities aligned with their new artisan range strategy.

Explaining the advantages of Hebel over standard options, Sharon discusses the weight difference that is well suited to their particular style of housing.

“Most of our new range of homes have parapets hiding lower pitched roofs behind so we have a very different look to our new buildings and construction and Hebel works well for us”.

One of Stylemaster Homes’ houses – constructed using Hebel products.

Stylemaster predominately uses Hebel for external walls but are looking at options for flooring and interior walls moving forward.

“We have had some requests and interest from our customer base in this area. When introducing new products to our construction process we do make sure we research and understand the logistics before implementation, but it’s certainly something we are looking at in the not too distant future,” Sharon said.

Faster construction time has also been a drawcard for Stylemaster as they continue to work with Hebel.

“We actually manage to achieve faster construction time, have reduced labour costs, and are able to give that cleanl exterior rendered finish look that is very popular with our customer base. In today’s market, it’s a faster way to construct external walls in comparison to the traditional bricks and mortar method that we have used previously,” she explained.

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