Welcome to the new Hebel

Hebel is excited to launch a series of online initiatives aimed at connecting and engaging with our commercial, residential and civil customers, Australian architects and designers – and the homeowners who benefit from our products and systems every day

Hebel Matters Blog

The Hebel Matters Blog (where you are now) has been designed to interest and inspire designers, builders, architects and homeowners alike as to the amazing benefits of Hebel products and systems. The Blog will regularly feature posts relating to a range of subjects relevant to what’s happening in the industry and beyond – including feature articles, profiles on leading architects and analyses of current industry and market trends. Oh, and of course great case studies featuring Hebel products and systems.

New Website

One of Hebel’s priorities is to inform and engage with our audiences by delivering fresh, compelling and relevant content – and one of the first ways in which we’ve done this is by launching a new website. We’ve completely redesigned the website and presented information in a way that allows you to navigate easily to what you need – making it easier for you to discover the benefits of using Hebel products and systems.

Check out our new design and discover all the amazing things Hebel has to offer here.


Our new Facebook page is only in its infancy, but we’re hoping to develop it into a place where Hebel’s residential homeowners can access and share the latest news and information on Hebel products and systems, plus share great ideas and inspirations that excite us here at Hebel. The page will also feature video interviews and tips and tricks from the professionals.

Like Hebel on Facebook here.


Our new LinkedIn page is designed to connect with Hebel’s professional community and deliver content relating principally to apartments, multi-residential, commercial and industrial and civil sectors, with some custom-built residential too. Here we will publish material of interest to architects, builders and designers, and learn from conversations within relevant groups and networks around the LinkedIn community.

You can follow us on LinkedIn here.


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