Why a Leading Australian Architectural Practice Chooses Hebel

Hebel wall systems are well-known for their ease of construction, fire-rating and excellent soundproofing qualities but there are other, perhaps surprising, reasons why large architectural firms specify Hebel internally for major projects.

For Turner Studio, these reasons come down to:

  • Excellent Hebel technical support, ensuring all products specified meet requirements, regulations and any complex issues can be readily resolved.
  • Hebel products are well-known and well-understood by subcontractors, ensuring a smoother build.
  • Using a concrete internal wall system that meets all fire-rating and acoustic regulations is reassuring to sales agents, buyers and tenants, making an excellent selling point.


Design by Turner Studio. Photography by Florian Groehn for Union Balmian. 

Based in Sydney, Turner Studio is a well-established, multi award-winning design practice with an impressive range of released projects valued at over $3 billion recently completed or under construction.

Director, Stephen Cox, has provided design leadership on a large variety of projects over a broad range of sectors including mixed-use hybrid buildings, retail, hospitality, adaptive re-use, transport infrastructure, health and research, sports facilities, industrial, and numerous residential projects from small scale additions through to urban design.

At Turner, Stephen has worked on many pivotal projects, including the multi-awarding-winning Washington Park Masterplan and Redevelopment, South Village Kirrawee, and currently a new golf hotel, residential village and luxury 6-star resort and spa in the Illawarra

“We regularly use Hebel wall systems in our projects,” says Stephen, “especially mixed-use and multi-residential developments. Projects of this nature have complex wall systems with many different types, each with its own specific needs, including fire-rating, acoustic separation, and specific detailing requirements. Hebel is an excellent product with a comprehensive, tried and tested range of systems from which we can confidently select products.”


Design by Turner Studio. Photography by Tom Ferguson.

Stephen emphasises that it’s the technical support he and his design team receive from Hebel that is critical. “It’s vital that there is appropriate support from Hebel to ensure the products we are specifying are suitable, because of this support, we can stand behind our drawings and documentation and be sure the products are suitable for use and meet all certification requirements. Given the current media attention regarding building standards, we feel that confidence in the certification of products and systems will be an increasingly important issue for designers.”

For Stephen, Hebel’s long history and extensive use in the Australian construction sector is also a major plus. “Hebel products are so well-known and so well-accepted that most of our subcontractors have used them before and understand them well. This is an important factor for us in ensuring that during construction, the project runs as smoothly as possible to meet timelines.”

Turner has found this product confidence extends more broadly in the wider market, “We have also found interest in the product more widely, for example, in multi-residential projects, sales agents and purchasers find reassurance in the Hebel concrete system in the important separation walls between apartments and common spaces. They have a strong preference to a concrete system like Hebel over alternative options.” that the building is safe and their apartment or office will be soundproof.”


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